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Meet the Chicago teen who may cure colon cancer

Keven Stonewall, 19, is passionate about creating a vaccine that will cure colon cancer.

A 19-year-old Chicago teen may one day hold the key to curing colon cancer.

If his previous successes are any indication, Keven Stonewall is well on his way to becoming the kind of scientist who leaves a lasting impact in the realm of cancer research.

In his senior year of high school, this young man from the city’s South Side was already working on a potential colon cancer vaccine at a Rush University lab, DNAInfo reports.

“My friends, family members have died from cancer,” Stonewall said in a VNM video. “A lot of people are impacted by cancer. So I felt it was my role to step up and do something about it.”

At first, his friends mocked his dedication to science. When they were out on vacation, he was holed up in his lab.

“I was one of the few kids who were engaged,” Stonewall said. “At first they were making fun of me, like ‘Come on man, why you want to be in the lab all day?’”

But after realizing that his lab time was producing real results, his buddies turned around. In fact, they confessed they were inspired by him.

Congressional Subcommittee Hears Case of ‘Apostate’ Sudanese Christian Mother


Will the United States be able to get Dr. Meriam out of this God-forsaken country or not? When will my country be able to free her and her American family from the shackles of the most savage Shariah law? Can we, a nation of infidels, actually do so—override Shariah law?

Can we afford not to do so?

As of this writing, the Sub-Committee on Africa, Global Human Rights, and International Organizations Hearing in the American Congress is holding a hearing about her case right now. Scheduled to speak are Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, Commissioner, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom; The Honorable Tony Perkins,  President, the Family Research Council, the Honorable Grover Joseph Rees, Former General Counsel, U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service; and Mr. Omer Ismail, Senior Policy Advisor, Enough Project.  Ed Royce, (R-Ca), is the Chair of this House Committee on Foreign Affairs.

This Committee has twenty four Republican and twenty Democratic members.

Chairman Chris Smith, (R-New Jersey), of the Sub-Committee, has said: “Meriam Ibrahim Ishag has been imprisoned in Sudan in fear of execution, chained during the late stages of her pregnancy, forced to give birth in prison, released from prison and re-arrested on flimsy charges. This all is the result of her being Christian in a country in which ruling authorities refuse to recognize the right of people to choose their own religion. Our hearing will examine this troubling violation of a basic human right.”

Let us be clear. These Muslim male relatives and Sudan’s government mean to continue tormenting their prey. They have no intention of letting her leave.

Please prove me wrong.

Nathan Lane says giving gay roles to only gay actors is ‘madness’


Gay actors shouldn’t have a monopoly on gay roles, award-winning stage and screen actor Nathan Lane said.

Lane, who is gay and has played both straight and gay characters, was asked the question at a TV critics’ meeting Tuesday. He was there to discuss PBS’ presentation of the Broadway play The Nance, in which he stars.

“We just had The Normal Heart (with) Mark Ruffalo, fantastic job. I think who’s right for the part and most talented” should be hired, Lane said. Ruffalo, who is straight, starred as a gay man in the AIDS drama for HBO.

“That way only madness lies. … I wouldn’t have played Nathan Detroit or Max Bialystock” if casting followed such rigid rules, Lane said. He won a Tony Award for his Broadway portrayal of larcenous producer Bialystock in The Producers and was a nominee as gambler Detroit in Guys and Dolls.

Lane is an Emmy nominee this year for his guest role as wedding planner Pepper Saltzman in ABC’s sitcom Modern Family.

Hollywood has been criticized for casting white actors as ethnic characters and, as gay characters have become an increasing part of movies and TV, giving such roles to straight actors. “Will & Grace” came under fire for casting straight actor Eric McCormack as a gay man.

Muslims show solidarity with Iraqi Christians in Baghdad rally


More than 200 people – many of them Muslims – gathered on Sunday in front of a Catholic church in Baghdad carrying “I am Iraqi, I am Christian” slogans to show solidarity after a radical Islamist group evacuated Christians from their homes in the northern city of Mosul.

“What gives us hope is a group of citizens – I do not want to say Muslims but they were Muslims – from Baghdad carrying slogans saying “I am Iraqi, I am Christian,” Father Maysar Bahnam of Mar Korkis Catholic Church told Al Arabiya News.

“They prayed in solidarity with us, saying that we are people from this land,” Bahnam said, emphasizing that the rally “is a hope for us as Iraqis and Christians, that there are good Iraqis. In fact, Iraqis are good people but sectarian issues which could have come from abroad affected us.”

Addressing both the Muslim congregates and the approximately 150 Christian worshipers after Sunday mass, Patriarch Louis Raphael Sako, head of the Chaldean Catholic Church, started his speech saying “I am Christian, Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, Mandean, Yazidi and I am Iraqi,” in reference to the country’s diversity.

“His words were very influential and had a big echo among the attendees,” Father Bahnam said.

An online video posted on the “I am Iraqi, I am Christian” campaign page on Facebook showed the Christian and Muslim participants holding their slogans up while singing the Iraqi national anthem to the accompaniment of the church’s pianist.

The event was organized late Saturday by civil rights activist and journalist Yousif al-Tamimi, after calls to show solidarity begun flooding social media and as a deadline expired on a decree imposed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militant group ordering Christians in Mosul to convert to Islam or leave.

Someone has to do it…

Trey Gowdy Eviscerates IRS Commissioner


Wednesday at a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee hearing on the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) would not let IRS Commissioner John Koskinen off the hook over his failure to bring acceptable answers to Congress about the supposed loss of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails.


The South Carolina Republican warned the IRS commissioners, “Words have consequences,” as he hammered Koskinen for trying to claim he did not pursue what happened to the emails because he did not want to interfere with the Inspector General investigation saying “people site ongoing IG investigations when it suits them to not cooperate”


Gowdy concluded by saying he was “stunned” Koskinen had the nerve to bring up the plummeting morale of IRS employees, saying the employees might have better morale if they worked on their case loads instead of trying to illegally use the power of the IRS to overturn Supreme Court decisions they disagree with.


State Dept. Official: ISIS No Longer a Terrorist Group But ‘A Full-Blown Army’


A State Department official who just returned from a seven-week trip to Iraq, said the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) – or the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) – is no longer just a terrorist group.

“ISIL is no longer simply a terrorist organization,” Brett McGurk, deputy assistant secretary for Iraq and Iran at the U.S. Department of State, said at a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Wednesday. “It is now a full-blown army seeking to establish a self-governing state through the Tigress and Euphrates Valley in what is now Syria and Iraq.”

ISIS continues to expand its hold on territory in Iraq, including overtaking the city of Mosul on June 10. Since then, the Sunni extremists have targeted Christians who are reportedly being told they have three choices: Convert to Islam, pay a fine or be killed. As a result, most, if not all, Christians have fled the city.

Dem Senator Plagiarized His War College Thesis


Montana Democratic Sen. John Walsh is in deep water after revelations surfaced that he copied the work of others for his U.S. Army War College thesis without proper attribution — a practice otherwise known as plagiarism.

The New York Times reports that the former National Guard general’s thesis contained at least a quarter of work that was not attributed to the original authors.

Additionally, all six of the recommendations he places at the conclusion of his paper were lifted entirely from another article published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. The Times points out that the entirety of one recommendation was exactly the same as it was printed in the original source. He did not cite the article at all in his thesis.

Walsh also extensively copied material from a paper published by a Harvard research institute without citing or footnoting it. Both papers are easily accessible through the internet.

Walsh’s paper, entitled “The Case for Democracy as a Long Term Strategy,” dealt with America’s Middle East policy and was conducted as a “strategy research project.”

Walsh responded to The Times’ accusations with assertions that he did nothing intentionally wrong.

“I didn’t do anything intentional here,” he told The Times, adding that he did not believe he had plagiarized anything in this case.

A Senate aide further clarified that Walsh was going through a difficult time while at the War College and did not deny that he may have plagiarized his work.

Border agents: ‘This is the dream of every terrorist in the world’

Open borders and an invitation. Come on in!

The vice president of the National Border Patrol Council says the current border crisis is “the dream of every terrorist in the world,” with illegal immigrants being able to board American jetliners without proper identification.

The union, which represents thousands of Border Patrol agents, has accused the Transportation Security Administration of letting illegals board American jetliners with only a “Notice to Appear” document — a claim the federal agency strongly denies.

“This is a document that could easily be forged,” union vice president Shawn Moran told Fox News. “It is simply a computer printout with a name on it.

“This is the dream of every terrorist in the world,” he said. “There is no way of knowing who is on board the jetliners.”

Conservative government watchdog Judicial Watch confirmed through an unnamed high-level source within the Department of Homeland Security that illegals were allowed to board planes in El Paso without identification, Fox News reported.

‘Operation Normandy’ set to send 3,500 volunteers to border to ‘stop an invasion’

If the administration won’t stop them, there are plenty who will…

Jim Gilchrist — one of the founders of the Minutemen Project — said he’s reaching out across America to recruit at least 3,500 volunteers who will go to the border to patrol and cover the “porous areas” between San Diego and Brownsville, Texas.

The campaign is called “Operation Normandy,” and it’s set for May 1, 2015, Raw Story reported.

“If you are familiar with the Normandy invasion of France in 1944, then you have an idea how large and logistically complicated this event will be,” Mr. Gilchrist said, Raw Story reported. “However, there is one difference. We are not going to the border to invade anyone. We are going there to stop an invasion.”

Mr. Gilchrist insisted that the campaign should remain peaceful.

His No. 1 rule for participants, as posted on his Minuteman Project website: “Whatever you do, stay within the rule of law.”

He echoed that sentiment in an interview with KPHO-TV earlier this month, saying his main rule was: “You do not put a hand on anyone. You do not talk to anyone. You do not confront anyone. You report to Border Patrol.”

Mr. Gilchrist also said the new recruits aren’t Minutemen members but “individual citizens” who are volunteers.

Costco and the perils of mixing politics and business

Retailer pays a price for getting too close to Obama

The power of the purse, particularly in a capitalistic society, is mighty, and business boycotts are a potent tool in the hands of the masses to enforce economic and social fairness. Through the use of the ballot and the wallet, we the people have life or death power over virtually every aspect of our nation.

Astute business people generally do not make their political views widely known, because they realize that about half of their customers agree with them and half of them do not. There certainly is no need to unnecessarily create animosity, especially when you are trying to sell products. In the case of Costco, a company highly respected for very wise business practices, Jim Sinegal, the co-founder and CEO until recently, has made no secret of his profound admiration for President Obama and his policies.

For the sake of disclosure, before I go further, I should reveal that I have been a member of the Costco Board of Directors for 15 years. There are people on the board of several political persuasions, and we are all friendly and work well together because politics plays no role in business decisions. In the years that I have had the privilege of serving on the Costco board, I have never witnessed a single incident where politics influenced a business decision. Not only would that be incredibly unwise, since both customers and staff are heavily represented on both sides of the political aisle, but it would lead to mass resignations and membership cancellations, including yours truly.

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