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NY State blesses ‘incest’ marriage between uncle, niece

The state’s highest court has toppled a cultural taboo — legalizing a degree of incest, at least between an uncle and niece — in a unanimous ruling.

While the laws against “parent-child and brother-sister marriages . . . are grounded in the almost universal horror with which such marriages are viewed . . . there is no comparably strong objection to uncle-niece marriages,” Tuesday’s ruling reads.

Judge Robert Smith of the Court of Appeals wrote that such unions were lawful in New York until 1893 and Rhode Island allows them.

The decision stems from a case brought by Vietnamese citizen Huyen Nguyen, 34, a woman who had appealed a ruling by an immigration judge.

The judge had tried to boot her from the United States after declaring that her 2000 marriage in Rochester to her mother’s half-brother was invalid.

Nguyen and her husband, Vu Truong, 38, appealed and won.

“I’m very happy for my clients,” said their lawyer, Michael Marszalkowski.

“They’ve been married 14 years now, but unfortunately, for half the time, there has been this concern over their heads about whether [the immigration issue] could be resolved. Thankfully, now it has been,” Marszalkowski said.

Marszalkowski said he won the case by zeroing in on the language of the state’s domestic-relations law.

White House meddles in South Dakota senate campaign


With only days left before Election Day, the FBI has taken the unprecedented step of announcing it is opening an investigation into and incident that happened when GOP candidate Mike Rounds was governor of South Dakota. This is based on an incident that is three years old and has already been investigated by other authorities.

The announcement by the FBI seems calculated to cast doubt on Rounds’ character in what looks to be an election that is much closer than anyone anticipated. While the FBI has announced the investigation, they have pointedly declined to say what, exactly they are investigating, or who is the target.

There is no way an FBI apparatchik is going to confirm an investigation is underway, one that potentially involves a candidate for Senate who will more likely than not win, shortly before election day without approval from the highest levels in the administration. No functionary in any agency is ballsy enough to do that especially when they are under no legal obligation to say anything.

This is just another of the cheap, political tricks we’ve learned to expect from an administration that holds both the truth and the law in contempt. One of the first orders of business in a new Congress has to be gaining control of a regulatory and bureaucratic apparatus that Obama has placed in the service of the Democrat party.

Jihad in our midst: we are “willfully stupid” if we ignore it

Evidence of Why President Obama and Eric Holder Wanted Ferguson Missouri To Burn ?

Democrats are using racial ads intended to stoke racial strife with images of Ferguson and Trayvon Martin

Eric Holder knew the “Hands Up – Don’t Shoot” meme was false on the day the scheme team was selling it. Eric Holder and President Obama knew the “execution style” shot to the head was false, on the day the scheme team was selling it.

Obama/Holder knew about the TWO SHOTS in the car, the Mike Brown blood on Officer Wilson, the injuries to Wilson, the gunshot wound to Big Mike’s hand, and Obama/Holder knew of the eight African American corroborating witness statements which supported Officer Wilson.

They knew all of this on 8/18/14 as they watched the Scheme Team on TV.

Yet what did they do to stop Ferguson Missouri from burning, looting and chaos?


Now ask yourself…. “WHY” ?

What was the benefit to Obama by watching events spiral out of control – yet knowing there is no factual basis for the underlying anger and outrage?

Seeing the DNC specifically use the manufactured Ferguson outrage as a political tool for the 2014 election – the motive behind the Obama strategic decision not to diminish the rage is crystal clear.

‘Treated like cattle': Yazidi women sold, raped, enslaved by ISIS

And yet from American liberals–Crickets…

Jana was a 19-year-old in her final year of high school, with dreams of becoming a doctor. Then, ISIS came to her village last August, and her world collapsed.

She described to me in chilling detail, how the jihadis first demanded that members of her Yazidi religious minority convert to Islam. Then they stripped villagers of their jewelry, money and cellphones. They separated the men from the women.

A United Nations report explained what happened next. ISIS “gathered all the males older than 10 years of age at the local school, took them outside the village by pick-up trucks, and shot them.”

Among those believed dead were Jana’s father and eldest brother.

A different fate lay in store for the women.

Jana described how girls like herself were separated from older women, then bussed to the city of Mosul.

There they were put in a big three-story house with hundreds of other young women. The men of ISIS came periodically, and chose up to three and four girls at a time to take home with them.

“These women have been treated like cattle,” explained Nazand Begikhani, an adviser to the Kurdistan Regional Government on gender issues.

“They have been subjected to physical and sexual violence, including systematic rape and sex slavery. They’ve been exposed in markets in Mosul and in Raqqa, Syria, carrying price tags.”

Perhaps more importantly, Begikhani is also a researcher at the UK-based University of Bristol’s Gender and Violence Research Center. According to the field research and testimonials of Begikhani’s team, ISIS kidnapped more than 2,500 Yazidi women.

Meanwhile Narin Shiekh Shamo, a Yazidi activist based in Iraqi Kurdistan has compiled the names of at least 4,601 Yazidi women currently missing.

ISIS actually justified its enslavement of Yazidis in its own online magazine.

“One should remember that enslaving the families of the kuffar — the infidels — and taking their women as concubines is a firmly established aspect of the Shariah, or Islamic law,” the group announced in the ISIS publication “Dabiq.”

LDS Church provides food, other aid to members in Ebola areas


When the Ebola outbreak that has now killed nearly 5,000 people led Sierra Leone to declare a three-day national quarantine last month, many parents weren’t sure how they’d feed their children.

Then food and other emergency supplies for 2,500 Mormon families arrived from LDS Charities.

“I am a mother of two children and was engaged in petty trading to maintain my children … before the crisis,” a Mormon woman in Makeni said. “The Ebola crisis has brought unemployment to most of us … (and) all the money I had got finished. … I had nothing to upkeep my children. The support received from the church today has brought joy and confidence in my family and we are grateful to God.”

At least two Mormons have died in West Africa during the outbreak.

Nearly 7,800 families in Sierra Leone received emergency supplies from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints during the state of emergency last month.

Those relief efforts are continuing. The church now has provided some members with a two-month supply of food, including rice and cooking oil, and many have shared it with family and friends, according to an update published on a church website this week.

The church has also sent hygiene and sanitation supplies, chlorine and basic instruction materials to its members in Ebola-stricken Sierra Leone and Liberia, and it is providing medical clothing and supplies to a hospital in Sierra Leone that is caring for Ebola patients.

The safety of LDS missionaries in the region is also a priority, the church release said.

The church evacuated 274 missionaries from Sierra Leone and Liberia in early August, reassigning them to other nations.

At that time, there had been 932 Ebola deaths in West Africa. The virus now has killed 4,922 people.

‘I Hate to Wax So Biblical, But…’: The Reason at Least Six North Carolina Magistrates Have Abruptly Resigned


Magistrates in North Carolina continue to resign their posts in the wake of gay marriage legalization in the state, with at least six judges citing their faith in their decisions to step down.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Rockingham County magistrate John Kallam Jr. will officially leave his role October 31, with at least five of his fellow officials joining him.

Those individuals are as follows: Swain County magistrate Gilbert Breedlove, Gaston County magistrate Bill Stevenson, Graham County magistrate Tommy Holland, Union County magistrate Gayle Myrick and Jackson County magistrate Jeff Powell, according to the Christian Post.

These officials have made it clear that they believe that marrying same-sex couples — a requirement following the legalization of gay matrimonies on October 10 — would be a violation of their faith.

“It was something I had to do out of conscience. I felt like to perform same sex unions would be in violation of the Lord’s commands so I couldn’t do that,” Stevenson told WCNC-TV. ”I hate to wax so biblical, but it says what good is it for a man to gain the whole world but lost his own soul, so that’s the stakes I put on this.”

Others struck a similar tone, with Myrick telling the Christian Examiner that she believes marriage should be restricted to one man and one woman. Rather than violate her faith, she, too, decided that removing herself would be best.

“For me to do what the state said I had to do, under penalty of law, I would have to go against my convictions, and I was not willing to do that,” Myrick said. “I want to honor what the word says.”

Why Singles Rights And Same-Sex Marriage Will Abolish All Marriage


But the bottom line is that singles’ activists are poised to be handed the “marriage equality” baton by LGBT activists so they can use it to fight for “unmarried equality.” In the end, this basically means keeping singles single and making marrieds single, too.

Too many Americans seem hypnotized by the slogan that abolishing civil marriage will “get the state out of the marriage business.” No. It sure as heck won’t. Have you ever heard anyone who makes this claim explain exactly how it gets the state “out”? I haven’t, and I’ve concluded that’s because it does no such thing. Rather, by abolishing marriage, you simply give the state permission to refuse to recognize your marriage, and its attendant rights and responsibilities. This refusal inevitably extends to the rest of family relationships, including parent-child.

Thus, the effort to abolish marriage is intimately connected to the ongoing radical redefinition of family. All of this is about—whether consciously and willfully, or not—abolishing family autonomy, abolishing privacy, and, by logical extension, abolishing all personal relationships based on mutual trust. If there is no legally protected autonomy in the family, how can it exist in any other personal relationship? It can’t. By abolishing marriage, we all become strangers to one another in the eyes of the state. Statists have always salivated at the prospect of regulating all of our personal relationships, all of our social interactions. This is not good.

Chivalry Is Dead, Long Live Feminism


Well, our brave new world of gender equality—in which we scoff at gender differences and men and women are encouraged to act the same—often proves harmful to women and girls. While the modern feminist movement won women tremendous freedoms educationally, professionally, personally, and sexually, it often leaves women feeling anything but empowered.

The reality is these freedoms have too often come at the expense of all values and traditions. We’ve in effect thrown the helpful social mores out with the old-fashioned bathwater. But it’s the modern feminist movement, which ushered away any hint of traditional chivalry and gendered expectations, that’s in part to blame. Certainly few want to return to an age when gender roles were excessively rigid, but feminists have gone to extremes and encouraged a culture that undermines healthy gender relationships. Men who hold doors are now viewed as part of the patriarchal society. And girls are expected to just “be one of the guys.”

But gender roles helped men and women and in times past allowed the sexes to better navigate the sometimes-rough waters of romance, courtship, marriage, and sex. Feminists view the chivalry and social mores of previous generations as anachronistic. But the reality is these traditional customs of giving up a seat for a woman on a train, or accompanying a woman in public, weren’t all rooted in sexism. They were social structures to help make men more respectful of women and to curb this kind of inappropriate behavior.

It might not have been perfect, but it had a purpose. Today’s dismissal of gender differences instead creates confusion, disappointment, and often more opportunity for harassment.


Tim Cook Comes Out of the iCloset:

We’ve a strong belief in what Jefferson called the “natural aristocracy”. In this situation that can, and does, mean that we’ve no real interest in what Cook does in his private time and so long as he doesn’t stray too far from Job’s vision we will likely continue to be a fan of the products he is responsible for. However one thing within his statement did strike us as odd.

Being gay has given me a deeper understanding of what it means to be in the minority and provided a window into the challenges that people in other minority groups deal with every day.

We think this statement is lacking in sophistication. The depth of Cooks empathy is severely limited as -unlike African Americans under Jim Crow- he could keep this part of his identity secret and -unlike the Christians under Nero- he kept that identity secret until it became a benefit to him professionally.

In other words–we don’t care what your proclivities are. Just be a good CEO.


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