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The unhappiest workers of all


How’s that feminism workin’ out for ya? According to a survey reported in a Psychology Today article, the unhappiest workers are:Female

  • 42 years old
  • Unmarried
  • Have a household income under $100,000
  • Work in a professional position (i.e., as a doctor or a lawyer).

Sounds exactly like the feminist ideal: a woman who needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. On her own, independent, unburdened, I am woman, hear me roar. Except that she’s not very happy.

The author, Sherrie Bourg Carter, Psy.D., notes that while it is possible the survey is inaccurate (the sample size is only 670 North American white collar workers),

In fact, a comprehensive analysis of the trends in subjective well-being across several decades revealed similar findings regarding female happiness. In The Paradox of Declining Female Happiness published by the American Economic Journal, researchers Betsy Stevenson and Justin Wolfers found that although women’s life circumstances by most objective measures have improved greatly over the past few decades, women’s happiness has declined both absolutely and relatively to men. 

So I guess we are stuck with a “paradox.” Reality doesn’t fit with our assumptions. But instead of questioning those assumptions, we just reframe the question. Men and women are exactly the same, so much so that people get to choose which sex they live their lives at. It is all a social construct anyway. Ask any liberal.  The “party of science” knows that chromosomes mean nothing.

Michelle Obama Employs Only 2 Men; Pays Men 46% More Than Women On Staff


At the same time the Obama administration once again renewed its Equal Pay push, the White House released salary figures for White House staff. Upon analysis, the Washington Post, among others, concluded that the gender pay gap (as defined by the White House) that has existed since President Obama was elected is as wide as it was in 2009, a thirteen percent difference:

The average male White House employee currently earns about $88,600, while the average female White House employee earns about $78,400, according to White House data released Tuesday. That is a gap of 13 percent.

In 2009, male employees made an average of about $82,000, compared to an average of $72,700 earned by female employees — also a 13 percent wage gap.

One of the key reasons is that more men hold the higher-paying, senior jobs in the White House, and more women hold the lower-paying, junior jobs.

This will be us in 10 years post open immigration…

EU migrants milking benefits will be KICKED OUT of Britain

JOBLESS EU migrants claiming benefits will be booted out of Britain from tomorrow if they show no sign of finding work.

Ministers say the radical measure is an attempt to give Britain the toughest controls on migrants in the world.

It means those who have been claiming jobseeker’s allowance for six months will have to undergo “prospect of work” interviews to determine whether they can stay in the country.

Those who do not have a job offer or the imminent prospect of finding work will lose their right to reside in the UK – leaving many liable to be sent home.

Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said: “The public have sent a clear message that they are concerned that migrants should contribute to this country and not be drawn here by the attractiveness of our benefits system. Freedom of movement is not a freedom to pick and choose where to claim benefits and we will continue to work with other countries across Europe that share our concerns to ensure we protect the integrity of our benefits system.”

Why men with daughters make better bosses

Having a daughter teaches men empathy, humility and nurturing skills, and makes them far more charitable in the workplace

So I understood immediately the implications of a new American study which suggests men with daughters make better bosses, and are more understanding of the obstacles faced by women in the workplace.

The new research echoes the findings of a Danish study, published last year, which suggested that having a daughter brought out men’s “caretaking” side at work. Researchers at Aalborg University looked at how 10,000 men paid their employees over a decade, and discovered that it was fairly standard for male chief executives “to claim a firm’s resources for themselves and their growing family at the expense of their employees”. However, whilst fathers of sons tended to reduce staff wages, those who had daughters rewarded their teams with more money.

The conclusion – and really they could have saved 10 years and a small fortune by buying me and Amy a working lunch instead – was that men with daughters are warmer, more understanding and generous people

Take-your-child-to-work day…

Obama to Meet Minnesota Woman and ‘Spend a Day in Her Shoes’

During his upcoming trip to Minnesota, President Obama has scheduled a day with a woman who wrote him a letter about the economic challenges she faces each day. When he meets her this week, the White House says he plans to “spend a day in her shoes” to learn of her struggles.

The White House reports that President Obama reads 10 letters a day from regular Americans and one of those letters he read recently was from a Minnesota woman named Rebekah.

The meeting of Rebekah, though, isn’t all Obama plans to do in Minnesota. For months already Obama had been planning to attend a “private fundraiser” on Thursday night.

Will Barry be wearing Louis Vuitton or Manolo Blahnik?


IRS Employees Union Is ‘Very Concerned’ About Being Required To Enroll In Obamacare’s Health Insurance Exchanges


In the private sector, many workers are concerned about losing their employer-sponsored health insurance coverage, and being dumped into Obamacare’s subsidized insurance exchanges. Two weeks ago, representatives of three large labor unions fired off a harsh letter to Democratic leaders in Congress, complaining that Obamacare would “shatter…our hard-earned health benefits” and create “nightmare scenarios” for their members. Today, we learn that the National Treasury Employees Union—the union that includes employees of the Internal Revenue Service—is asking its members to write letters to their Congressmen, stating that they are “very concerned” about legislative efforts requiring IRS and Treasury employees to enroll in the Obamacare exchanges.

“I am a federal employee and one of your constituents,” the letter begins. “I am very concerned about legislation that has been introduced by Congressman Dave Camp to push federal employees out of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) and into the insurance exchanges established under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).”

“If the ObamaCare exchanges are good enough for the hardworking Americans and small businesses the law claims to help, then they should be good enough for the president, vice president, Congress, and federal employees,” said Rep. Dave Camp’s (R., Mich.) spokeswoman in a statement at the time.

She’s not even 16 – aren’t their child labor laws in effect?

“Malia Obama has been working as a production assistant on the Los Angeles set of Halle Berry‘s TV series ‘Extant’…”

Is this wrong somehow? She’s not skipping school. It’s summer vacation, and she’s working, working with the stars. Maybe someone else’s teenager would like the slot that went to the President’s daughter, but she’s reportedly “an aspiring filmmaker.”

Is this a campaign finance issue? Daughters of politicians getting glamorous summer jobs from campaign contributors? Any potential for corruption there?
AND: Whatever they’re giving Malia, it seems they’re getting their money’s worth in PR. I’d never heard of the TV show “Extant.” And Halle Berry shifting into television is an indication of her waning star power. But… suddenly, Malia!! “Extant” and Halle Berry’s career are… extant.

In case you hadn’t noticed, Halle Berry’s career is so well known to be in bad shape that people talk about “The Halle Berry Effect.” What could be more helpful than juxtaposing her radiant face with the radiant daughter of the most radiant face in all of history?

Government union demands firing of ‘Duck Dynasty’ fans for ‘I Support Phil’ decals


A government union at Eglin Air Force base in Florida says two senior managers should be fired, or at least removed from their leadership roles, because they have decals on their vehicles that read: “Duck Dynasty: I Support Phil.”

The decal refers to openly Christian Phil Robertson, one of the stars of the reality television show, “Duck Dynasty.”

Alan Cooper, executive vice president of the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees, also said one of the managers put the same decal in his office and provided extras to those who wanted them, Fox News reported.

“We took offense,” Mr. Cooper said, to Fox News. “These two particular individuals have a great amount of influence over individuals who may be gay, who may be African-American, and we have a concern they should not be in a position to exert that influence when it comes to promotions.”

Oh. Now they’re “Openly Christian” and should be removed from jobs for it? 

Christian baker sentenced to re-education for opposing homosexual marriage

Re-education/Indoctrination – you say potayto I say potahto…

obey-eye-poster-fnlThis is only one step short of being sent to a re-education camp. This particular judge, who seems to be a hardcore lefty used to making up the law as he goes along, has convicted Phillips of something he didn’t do. He refused because he wanted nothing to do with the celebration of a homosexual marriage, which, as this is written, is not legal in Colorado. Not only has Mr. Phillips’ religious beliefs been completely ignored he is now being forced to re-educate himself and his work force on the importance of celebrating sodomy and he must pay for the privilege of expanding his view of what Christianity permits. This is just another example of, to quote Erick, being made to care. If anyone thinks the gay privilege activists are going to be content to let you live your life in peace, you are mistaken. In the words of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput, they can’t allow that to happen:

Evil talks about tolerance only when it’s weak. When it gains the upper hand, its vanity always requires the destruction of the good and the innocent, because the example of good and innocent lives is an ongoing witness against it.  So it always has been.  So it always will be.

If anyone was harmed it was Mr. Phillips who turned down a paying client in order to remain true to his faith. But his witness against immorality could not be allowed to stand and the power of the state, administered by little Eichmanns like this administrative law judge, Robert Spencer, was used to crush him.

Way to go, Barry…

Central America Newspapers Tout Open US Door for Illegal Minors

Newspapers in El Salvador and Honduras are promoting policies by the Obama administration that defer deportation to minors brought to the United States as children by their parents — known as “Dreamers” — and those that are housing illegal children at military bases in the South and West.

“Almost all agree that a child who crossed the border illegally with their parents, or in search of a father or a better life, was not making an adult choice to break our laws, and should be treated differently than adult violators of the law,” Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is quoted in a story about a new two-year extension of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy published by Diario El Mundo in El Salvador.

Signed by President Barack Obama in 2012, the policy grants temporary legal status to many young illegal immigrants, ending the threat of deportation for at least two years.

The policy, however, does not entitle the immigrants to state services. It was renewed for two more years.

“With the renewal of DACA, we act according to our values and code of this great nation,” Johnson said. “But the biggest task of comprehensive immigration reform is yet to come.”

Meanwhile, La Prensa of Honduras discusses in a report how as many as 500 illegal minors are being housed at the Naval Base Ventura County in Southern California.



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