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The New Contras: Understanding The Left’s Grip On Media


While talk radio and FOX grab much of the attention, what really broke the left’s control over media was the Internet. Before its advent, one needed a large investment in a printing press or a broadcast tower to engage a mass audience; afterward, all one needed was a few hundred dollars for a basic computer and Internet service. The web shattered barriers to entry and, suddenly, pent up demand for information free of non-progressive bias met an onrush of supply.

It must bother the President no end that he has to contend with the likes of FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Breitbart News, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller, The Weekly Standard, National Review Online, James O’Keefe and thousands of independent bloggers too numerous to name, plus a network of millions of conservatives sharing the content they create on social media. Questions on the IRS’s oppressive tactics against conservative groups (there’s no other way to describe it); the killing of an American ambassador at Benghazi, Libya, and the tragicomedy that Obamacare has become, will now keep surfacing. Thus the President’s evident petulance. And it just kills his supporters that the most progressive President since Wilson, or perhaps ever, is being blocked from implementing what is to them a beautiful vision of government-led bliss and finally transforming the country into another industrial social democracy. The President’s backers look down on Sen. Cruz, and tellingly their biggest complaint is not that he’s conservative but that he refuses to play along like many did before him.

Good luck with that…

MSNBC Scrambles Behind the Scenes to Change Its Vitriolic Culture

The Associated Press writes that MSNBC, the network that is rife with anti-conservative and anti-GOP rhetoric, is beginning to realize – together with its corporate affiliates – that its personal attacks on Republicans may not be in its interest.

The AP reports that MSNBC President Phil Griffin, who apologized to GOP National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus after MSNBC’s twitter feed contained a message that implied the political right wing would hate a Cheerios ad featuring a biracial couple, “has quietly put the word out to hosts to avoid personal attacks.”

MSNBC’s recent history has featured firing a staff member who was responsible for the offensive tweet; Alec Baldwin quitting after using an anti-gay slur in public; afternoon host Martin Bashir resigning after his on-air suggestion that someone should defecate in former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s mouth; and Melissa Harris-Perry apologizing after mocking Mitt Romney’s family Christmas card for having one black family member, Romney’s adopted African-American grandson.

And they wonder why they are tanking in the news ratings…They’re pandering to the lowest common denominator…

Doctor diagnoses man with help from TV’s ‘House’


He said the man’s symptoms matched up almost perfectly with a patient on an episode in which the fictional Dr. Gregory House, played by British actor Hugh Laurie, identified cobalt poisoning as the cause. The series ended in 2012 after an eight-year run.

Schaefer regularly uses the television series to teach medical students. When he saw the patient with heart failure in May 2012, he had recently prepared a lecture on the show’s cobalt poisoning case, where House’s future mother-in-law falls ill after receiving a faulty metal hip.

Exposing liberal apologies, Palin and Romney shouldn’t forgive MSNBC hosts


Why are liberals becoming even more vile in their public discourse? I contend it’s a result, in part, of the fact that they get away with it, and they gain power as conservative leadership retreats from the ugliness. There have never been any serious consequences for liberal hate speech, threats and general cultural assault.

Conservatives, on the other hand, the target of that bile, act on their inherent decency and “forgive and forget.”

We’ve all watched with familiar astonishment some in the leftist media expressing their rank malice for conservatives with not just the usual horrid insults, but arguments for specific personal harm to be done, and the mocking of a child.

My concern is the reaction by high-profile conservatives who, after having been smeared in the most repugnant of ways, immediately accept the apologies of the liberals who slander them. This pattern needs to change.

Writer, Arthur Conan Doyle estate dispute copyright on Sherlock Holmes


At the heart of the dispute is whether a character can be copyright protected over an entire series of works. The Doyle estate argues that a basic element of copyright law allows for that if the character is highly delineated, as opposed to a two-dimensional cartoon-like character who doesn’t change much over time.

In ruling against the estate, Judge Ruben Castillo called that a “novel legal argument” that was “counter to the goals of the Copyright Act.” The lawsuit was filed in Chicago because a literary agent for the Doyle estate is based in Illinois.

There’s no question that Holmes and Watson are highly complex characters. Conan Doyle produced a total of four Sherlock Holmes novels and 56 stories between 1887 and 1927.

Klinger argues that everything you really need to know about Holmes and Watson is in the novels and stories published before 1923 that are in the public domain in the U.S. That includes their family backgrounds, education and a slew of character traits: Holmes’ Bohemian nature and cocaine use, erratic eating habits, his Baker Street lodgings, his methods of reasoning, his clever use of disguise, his skill in chemistry and even his weapon of choice, a loaded hunting crop.

“Everything that the lay person would think of as being a characteristic of Holmes or Watson is in those pre-1923 stories,” said Klinger, who is also an attorney and lives in Malibu, Calif. “In fact, some would say you could pick up almost everything you need from the very first story.”

Well, he really doesn’t DO anything…

Where Is Obama Finding the Time to Watch So Much Television?

These days, when Mr. Obama retreats to the White House residence after a long day on the other end of the colonnade, he is working his way through the DVD box set of AMC’s ‘Breaking Bad’….

Friends say Mr. Obama is also keenly awaiting the new season of the Netflix show ‘House of Cards.’…

Mr. Obama is also a devotee of Showtime’s ‘Homeland.’…

And the list of heavies continues. Mr. Obama has told people he is a big fan of ‘Game of Thrones.’… He has raved about ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and the BBC’s ‘Downton Abbey.’… And he has worked his way through the DVDs of AMC’s smoldering ‘Mad Men’ series. Obama is also enamored, Times writer Michael Shear adds, of HBO’s ‘The Wire,’ ‘Real Housewives,’ ‘Glee’ ABC’s ‘Modern Family’ and NBC’s ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ESPN’s ‘SportsCenter.’

No one is criticizing the president’s tastes in viewing, but his TV habits — or at least the number of series, most with running times of one hour, that he professes to watch — do raise a question: When does he find time to play golf?

Perhaps, because they have lost all vestiges of humanity?

CNN’s 2013 Primetime Ratings Lowest in 20 Years

After his first full year running CNN, Jeff Zucker has little to be proud of. The primetime ratings of the self-proclaimed “Most trusted name in news” reached 20-year lows in 2013.

Primetime viewers averaged 568k, 183k in the all important demographic of folks aged 25 to 54. This was a sixteen percent decline in total viewers, and 18 percent in the demo.

However, to put CNN’s numbers in perspective, Fox News averaged 1.8 million viewers in primetime. MSNBC came in second at 640K. As for total day viewers, Fox again came in first averaging 1.1 million viewers. CNN edged out MSNBC 413k to 394k.

Zucker and MSNBC chief Phil Griffin must be so proud of themselves.

Continue the Push Back

Liberals Win Only If We Refuse To Fight Back

Demanding that Americans hide their religious beliefs. Banning dissenting views on the climate change scam. Slandering people with charges of the kind of racism pioneered and perfected by the Democrat party.

Those are just some highlights of the concerted campaign by the goose-stepping freaks of the left to silence us, to shut us down and leave the culture open to their domination. But the organized left is only a small cadre of sociopaths – its strength comes from the apathy and cowardice of those who won’t stand up to them. They win only when we surrender.

But we won’t surrender.

I want to make it clear that I am not calling liberals fascists. There’s a big difference. A fascist would invade Poland. A liberal would just whine about Poland being homophobic and try to get it fired. Leftists care nothing about gay people, or minorities, or women, or global warming. They care about their own power. They want a cultural war, and I say let them have it. We’re fighting for a vibrant, free culture with a multitude of religious expressions, with a plethora of ideas and a refusal to hide truth so as to not offend some vocal component of the leftist coalition. They demand a mindless, fearful conformity with everyone paying homage to the same pagan liberal idols.

Push back harder…

We wonder how these people can function…

Now we know:

MSNBC Filled With “Hateful, Racist, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Gay, Misogynistic” Hosts

You know conservative talk radio is constantly under attack. It’s too loud, it’s too noisy, the name-calling, this and that. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m going to tell you something. Conservative talk radio is tame compared to what goes on at these other outlets. Tame. You look at this MSNBC, this is one bad place. This is one ugly place. And it is connected to the National Broadcasting Company, to NBC News, and they’re proud of it. There is overlap in coverage. Sometimes you’ll see people who report for NBC on MSNBC and vice versa.

Look at MSNBC. You got Al Sharpton. Al Sharpton’s anti-semitism, certainly in the past, is unconscionable. Go ahead andLord-of-the-rings-orcs Google it. You don’t have to take my word for it. Chris Matthews is the quintessential misogynist. He’s the poster boy for misogyny. They bring this Alec Baldwin. Alec Baldwin has a long history of gay-bashing, among other things. He’s a nut. They bring in any way, and what does he do? He gay bashes so they suspend him for two weeks. Well, why did they hire him?

None of these people would be hired by the media. None of these people would work in Hollywood. None of these people would be working at all if they were conservatives saying and doing these things. Not repeatedly, but ever. Ever!

MSNBC is filled with hateful, racist, anti-semitic, anti-gay, misogynistic elements and individuals who at some time in their past or even now have shared one or all those traits. Not all them, but many of them. It is a completely disreputable broadcaster and yet it is of the left, created for the left. And that tells you a lot. (Mark Levin Show, November 18, 2013)



Mordor Up Close

Ouroboros in it’s beauty…

imagesActually, if you flip to the end of the Bible we know that when Jesus “Mr. Love” Christ comes back, he’s going to be loving with a sword in his hand, sending a whole host of souls into hell fire.

Too many people are worshiping the Jesus they created, not the Jesus who is. Christ said to love, but he also said to go and sin no more. To love someone and not share the gospel — which includes a call for a penitent heart — is not truly love. It is this world’s definition of love, which, like the orcs or Mordor, is a perversion of the real thing God created.

That is something Tolkien got so spot on with Middle Earth. The evil things are corrupted or perverted things made to mimic the light and the good. Mordor has its own yard stick by which things can be measured, but its metrics are all based on evil.

Phil Robertson did nothing wrong. He just did not shy away from the parts of accepting Christ that make people uncomfortable. He loves people so much, he is not willing to give people the fast pass to Hell by telling them they are not sinners.

He did not judge. He just held up the yard stick and a whole lot of people did not like seeing it and realizing they’ve fallen short. In Mordor, after all, falling short is measuring up and measuring up is being a hater, homophobe, and judging.

Mordor is on the march. Christians could use a few less quislings. It is only going to get worse.


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