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President Obama Already Has An Ebola Czar. Where Is She?


As the Ebola situation in West Africa continues to deteriorate, some U.S. officials are claiming that they would have been able to better deal with the public health threat if only they had more money.

Dr. Francis Collins, who heads the National Institutes of Health (NIH), told The Huffington Post, “Frankly, if we had not gone through our 10-year slide in research support, we probably would have had a vaccine in time for this that would’ve gone through clinical trials and would have been ready.” Hillary Clinton also claimed that funding restrictions were to blame for inability to combat Ebola.

 Conservative critics have pointed out that the federal government has spent billions upon billions of dollars on unnecessary programs promoting a political agenda rather than targeting those funds to the fight against health threats.

Other limited government types point to the Progressive utopian foolishness seen in opposing political factions, both sides of which seem to agree humanity could somehow escape calamity if only we had a properly functioning government. People who don’t want an all-powerful government shouldn’t blame it for not having competence when crisis strikes.

This is what she looks like. Just in case someone sees her, since it appears that she’s MIA…

Report: ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds

We have failed the Kurds. Again…

The Syrian city of Kobani on the border with Turkey is under attack from ISIS fighters. Three months ago ISIS tried and failed to take over Kobani despite the fact the terrorist group used a chemical agent, most probably mustard gas, in its attack.

As reported by the Middle East Review of International Affairs​:

Prior to the current campaign, the most serious (but unsuccessful) attempt to conquer Kobani came in July 2014, shortly following the dramatic IS advance into Iraq.

It was during this assault on Kobani that evidence emerged which appeared to point to the use by the Islamic State on at least one occasion of some kind of chemical agent against the Kurdish fighters of the YPG (Peoples’ Protection Units).

According to the MEMRI report, an incident at Avdiko village in Kobani on July 12th suggests that ISIS may well have succeeded in making some of this material available for use in combat. The pictures below seem to verify a mustard attack.  If the chemical agent was taken from the Al Muthanna facility, it means that this terrorist group has WMDs in its arsenal (additional photos at MEMRI).

Just who is leading America’s fight against Ebola? Surgeon General ‘missing in action’ after first Ebola patient in America died


When the Ebola began to savage thousands West Africans, it was Centers for Disease Control and Prevention head, Dr. Thomas Frieden, who promised Americans that a similar ‘widespread outbreak’ would not occur in the U.S.

After the first Ebola patient was diagnosed in the U.S., it was Frieden who took to national television to assert that nation’s top doctors ‘know how to stop Ebola spreading in hospitals.’

And when the man who brought Ebola to the U.S. died last Wednesday, Friden was the Obama administration official tasked with announcing that the U.S. government was ‘stepping up protection for people coming into this country and for Americans related to travel.’

Frieden, not the ‘Nation’s Doctor,’ has been at the forefront of the Ebola crisis throughout the last several months, leading some Americans to wonder why the surgeon general hasn’t led the administration’s efforts to stop the spread of the deadly disease in America.

Currently the U.S. does not have a permanent surgeon general. President Barack Obama nominated Dr. Vivek Murthy to fill the spot last November after the previous surgeon general vacated the position.

Murthy’s nomination has been tied up in the Senate since March amid concerns from conservative, gun rights group, the National Rifle Association, that the Harvard and Yale educated doctor would seek to implement restrictions on the Second Amendment if he were confirmed for the position.

British-born Murthy is a supporter of President Obama’s efforts to reduce gun violence by restricting the sale of certain firearms.

Keystone Be Darned: Canada Finds Oil Route Around Obama


n this period of national gloom comes an idea — a crazy-sounding notion, or maybe, actually, an epiphany. How about an all-Canadian route to liberate that oil sands crude from Alberta’s isolation and America’s fickleness? Canada’s own environmental and aboriginal politics are holding up a shorter and cheaper pipeline to the Pacific that would supply a shipping portal to oil-thirsty Asia.

Instead, go east, all the way to the Atlantic.

Thus was born Energy East, an improbable pipeline that its backers say has a high probability of being built. It will cost C$12 billion ($10.7 billion) and could be up and running by 2018. Its 4,600-kilometer (2,858-mile) path, taking advantage of a vast length of existing and underused natural gas pipeline, would wend through six provinces and four time zones. It would be Keystone on steroids, more than twice as long and carrying a third more crude.

“The best way to get Keystone XL built is to make it irrelevant,” said Frank McKenna, who served three terms as premier of New Brunswick and was ambassador to the U.S. before becoming a banker.

So confident is TransCanada Corp., the chief backer of both Keystone and Energy East, of success that Alex Pourbaix, the executive in charge, spoke of the cross-Canada line as virtually a done deal.

Uh…maybe because we do?

Jeh Johnson: Americans ‘Susceptible to Claims That We Have an Open, Porous Border’

The nation’s southern border is much more secure than the American people think it is, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told a gathering in Washington on Thursday.

“Not enough has been said publicly by our government in a clear, concise way, about our border security efforts on behalf of the American people. And in the absence of facts, the American public is susceptible to claims that we have an open, porous border, through which unaccompanied minors and members of terrorist organizations such as ISIL may pass.”

Whatever helps you sleep at night, Jeh…

Pulling an IRS…

EPA can’t find top official’s text messages

Interesting. They should be able to get a court order and serve the phone company–who keeps a record of all text messages. Cops do it all the time.

The EPA is poised to “do an IRS” — similar to what the tax agency had to do with dismissed top official Lois G. Lerner — and officially notify the National Archives that it may have lost key electronic records, according to a think tank that’s suing to get text messages under an open-records request.

Justice Department lawyers told a federal court on Tuesday that the alert will be coming soon, in a case that’s shaping up as a significant battle over whether government agencies are required to keep cellphone text messages as “official” records.

In this case, researcher Chris Horner and the Competitive Enterprise Institute are trying to get a peek at Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy’s text messages, believing that she switched from emails to texting in order to talk about the agency’s controversial plans to crack down on coal power plants.

Why we’re still so screwed…

State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad ‘Noble’

The U.S. State Department endorsed on Wednesday a controversial anti-terror handbook published by Canada’s Muslim community that refers to jihad as “noble” and urges law enforcement to avoid using terms such as “Islamic extremism.”

The handbook, published earlier this month by two Canadian Muslim community organizations, was so controversial that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) flatly rejected the manual and ordered its officers not to use it.

Yet the State Department’s official anti-terrorism Twitter feed, called Think Again Turn Away, appeared to endorse the controversial handbook on Twitter and linked to a positive article about it.

The handbook, titled United Against Terrorism, has become a contentious issue for the RCMP since its release. Several sections of the guide instruct Muslim community members not to cooperate with police while others claim jihad “is a noble concept.”

The RCMP ultimately decided to reject the book, citing its “adversarial tone.”

“After a final review of the handbook, the RCMP could not support the adversarial tone set by elements of the booklet and therefore directed RCMP Manitoba not to proceed with this initiative,” the police force said in a statement posted on its website.

The handbook itself recommends that “intelligence and law enforcement officials” should “avoid terms such as ‘Islamist terrorism’, ‘Islamicism’, and ‘Islamic extremism’ in favor of more accurate terms such as ‘al Qaeda inspired extremist,’” according to one section of the handbook, which still bears RCMP’s official logo.

Because this will help so much…

DHS Chief: ‘We’re Asking Passengers to Fill Out a Declaration About What Symptoms Do You Have’

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Wednesday announced “more enhanced screening” for the estimated 150 travelers flying into the United States every day from West African countries where the deadly Ebola virus is spreading.

“The protocol is, first of all, our Customs personnel are very skilled at examining people, assessing people for a variety of reasons. And we’re asking passengers to fill out a declaration about what symptoms do you have? Are you feeling ill? Where have you been for the last 21 days and where will you be for the next few days?

“And, through a non-contact thermometer, we’re going to be taking the temperatures of every passenger that comes from one of the three affected countries.”

Remember, Holder’s still here…

Judicial Watch President: Holder Resigned Over Judge’s Fast & Furious Ruling

Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton says he has “no doubt” that a Sept. 23 federal court order requiring the Department of Justice (DOJ) to turn over an index of documents relating to the Fast and Furious scandal by October 22 prompted the resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder two days later.

“There’s no doubt the writing was on the wall between Fast and Furious and the IRS scandal circling around the Justice Department. He did not want to be a person of interest in Washington discussions when more information about Fast and Furious came out,” Fitton told

“And the Washington way is that [when] bad things happen, get out of Dodge and hope everyone forgets.”

Way to go, Barry–Part XIII

Ebola Victim’s Body to Be Cremated as CDC Warns Against Autopsies, Embalming

The bodies of dead Ebola victims can still pose a significant threat, which will prevent families from having traditional funeral services.

On Wednesday, health officials decided that Thomas Eric Duncan’s body should be cremated after the first person to be diagnosed with Ebola on American soil died in a Texas hospital.

“The remains have been transported for cremation. No additional detail about timing or location will be given at this time,” the Texas Department of State Health Services told USA Today.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) guidelines, Ebola “can be transmitted in postmortem care settings by laceration and puncture with contaminated instruments used during postmortem care, through direct handling of human remains without appropriate personal protective equipment, and through splashes of blood or other body fluids (e.g. urine, saliva, feces) to unprotected mucosa (e.g., eyes, nose, or mouth) which occur during postmortem care.” CDC officials said there are “large quantities” of the Ebola virus that still remain in the dead body.

Due to these concerns, the CDC recommends that “autopsies on patients who die of Ebola should be avoided” and “if an autopsy is necessary, the state health department and CDC should be consulted regarding additional precautions.” Embalming should also not be performed, according to the CDC, because “the risks of occupational exposure to Ebola virus while embalming outweighs its advantages.”

According to NBC, “anyone who had contact with the body must wear personal protective equipment that includes a scrub suit, cap, gown over the suit, eye protection, face mask, shoe covers and two pairs of gloves, and “afterward, they must take off that gear very carefully and wash their hands thoroughly.”

As Yahoo News noted, “the CDC warns that at no point should the sealed bags or casket be opened for viewing,” which means there will likely be “no chance to mourn loved ones at a traditional funeral service.”


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