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Eric Cantor and the Conventional Wisdom

Rule #1? Don’t get cocky, kid…

There are two words that recur like a drumbeat in the news stories about David Brat’s defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Virginia primary last night.  One is “historic.” The second is some variant of “stunning” (“staggering,” “shocking,” etc.).  John Fund does us the courtesy of deploying both: “Eric Cantor’s loss is historic,” he writes at National Review. “No sitting House majority leader has lost an election since the office was created in 1899. While Cantor’s loss was a stunning surprise, the warning signals were around for a while.” He then supplies a list of explanations that seemed obvious only after David Brat won. Yesterday afternoon, the wise men of the commentariat would have dismissed them with a self-assured thoroughness and consistency that is truly marvelous to behold.

“Historic” and “stunning.”  That is, the triumph of the tea-party-backed economics professor was both 1) important and 2) unexpected.

Frankly, though, what surprises me about such events as David Brat’s victory is the surprise they occasion. Nigel Farage and the other anti-EU politicians weren’t supposed to trounce the established parties in the European elections a couple of weeks ago. Members of the established parties and the human remora that attend them told us so. But Farage, Le Pen, and the rest trounced them across Europe.  This, said Manuel Valls, the French prime minister, was “a shock, an earthquake that all responsible leaders must respond to.”

Right.  And how’s that working out?  From where I sit, the response of “responsible leaders,” i.e., representatives of the conventional wisdom, has been mostly confined to what they used to call in the Wild West a circling of the wagons. Demonize the bastards. Ostracize ’em.  Talk incessantly about “fringe candidates” and “extremists”  who cannot win (except they just did), who will upset the status quo, which by an extraordinary coincidence just happens to benefit those registering their “shock,” their having been “stunned,” “staggered,” not to say “utterly dismayed.”

Both parties have been assiduous in demonizing the tea party.  And they’ve been quite effective in convincing themselves that it was yesterday’s news, that the upsets of 2010 were an anomaly, that business-as-usual (represented by us mature politicians who are already in office) had once again achieved the upper hand. Order, in short, had been restored.

Push back harder and remember, in this country it’s still “We the People”…

Deathblow for amnesty? Here’s hoping…

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA), who was in line to be the next House Speaker, shockingly lost his primary Tuesday to economics professor Dave Brat.

 In knocking Cantor off and shocking Washington and the GOP establishment, voters in Virginia’s seventh congressional district may have killed amnesty legislation in this Congress.

The Associated Press called the race for Brat at 8:03 PM EST with around 85% of the vote in and Brat leading 55.8% to 44.2%.

In the final weeks of the campaign, Brat made the race completely about amnesty and open borders, saying a vote for Cantor would be a vote for “open borders,” and the seventh district primary would be the “last chance” to stop amnesty.

Regarding amnesty legislation, voters told Cantor and Congress, “not so fast.”

After anti-amnesty Republican Ann Coulter endorsed Brat, Laura Ingraham, who has relentlessly fought for American workers against amnesty on her national radio program, campaigned for him last week. Brat said on Breitbart News Sunday that 700 people showed up to the event and some even parked in Cantor’s cul-de-sac.

In wanting to crush Brat, Cantor inadvertently elevated Brat’s name identification. After Cantor’s top ally got ousted from a top GOP chairmanship in his district last month, Cantor did not take anything for granted, while Brat redoubled his amnesty attack. Cantor outspent Brat by more than ten to one during the last seven weeks of the campaign. Cantor spent nearly a million dollars, sending multiple deceptive anti-amnesty mailers ahead of the primary and ensuring his website made no mention of his previous support for amnesty and an increase in the number of high-tech visas. In endorsing Cantor, the Richmond Times-Dispatch did not even mention immigration at all. Brat’s campaign spent only $76,000.

A man to watch…

Ohio’s Jim Jordan has become key oversight figure in exposing Washington’s worst messes

It is easy to see that, while he has served seven eventful years in Congress, Rep. Jim Jordan‘s true compass points straight back to home to rural Ohio.

“There are lots of jobs that are hard. I don’t pretend to think my jobs are any harder than a farmer putting his crop out … or moms and dads trying to save to put kids in college,” he explains.

His work on the oversight committee, where he chairs the panel’s subcommittee on economic growth, job creation, and regulatory affairs, remains a priority. Benghazi, he adds, is still crucial, as is the IRS’s targeting of conservative groups.

He said he has spent the bulk of his time over the last year focused on getting to the truth of how the IRS treated certain Tea Party groups, including some in his district.

“This is one of the most fundamental of all the rights — your ability to speak out against your government, your political speech rights. This is as basic as it gets. For us not to get to the truth would be a complete disservice to our jobs as members of Congress,” Jordan said.

Jordan also worries about where the nation stands in the world. He has visited Israel with his wife three times in the past four and half years.

“One thing you hear there, they will tell you that the best thing the U.S. can do for Israel is for America to stay strong. When America is stronger, we are safer,” he said.

The reason no one dares step forward and use the impeach word…

Because He Is Black, Americans Suffer and Die

Clearly, no amount of unprecedented unlawful power-grabs, narcissistic behavior, blatant lies, and ignoring of the Constitution will sway the mainstream media and the Democrats from their loyalty to Obama.  Why?  The answer is that Obama is black, which makes him their ultimate weapon of mass destruction – able to nuke traditional America.  Obama’s mission is to cram his radical socialist/progressive dream for America down our throats.

Obama’s reign of terror is but a mere preview of things to come if the MSM and Democrats are successful in duping Americans into handing Hillary Clinton the keys to the Oval Office.  Just as Obama has ruled as America’s first king, Hillary will be our first queen.  Those who dare to criticize or oppose Queen Hillary’s radial liberal agenda will be branded sexists and severely punished – subjected to a high-tech lynching, their politically battered carcasses left on public display to ward off other outspoken conservatives/Republicans.

The frightening inconvenient truth is the MSM, the Democratic Party, and Obama consider American suffering and loss of life acceptable collateral damage to protect Obama and implement his agenda.  His black skin provides perfect political cover, similar to an impenetrable suit of armor, providing the left with a unique golden opportunity to implement all of their unsellable liberal utopian fantasies.  The best interest of the American people even takes a backseat to the left’s and Obama’s obsession with appeasing our enemies.

From Common Core to ObamaCare…

Is the American Dream dead?

For the first time in a very long time, Americans aren’t so sure their kids will have better lives than they do.

That’s according to a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll that shows just one in three people believe “most children in this country will grow up to be better off” than their parents. (A whopping 63 percent said their kids will be worse off.) Not only are those numbers stunning but they are also a stunning reversal from CNN data at the end of the last century (1999 to be exact) — when two thirds of Americans predicted that children would grow up to have it better than their parents.

And the CNN/ORC data is far from the only evidence we have that the long-running belief that each generation will be better off than the last is fading. In 2013, the Post did a major survey alongside the Miller Center at the University of Virginia that sought to dig into the topic. Fifty four percent of those tested by WaPo in 2013 said that they were “better off” than their parents while just 39 percent said they thought their children would have a better quality of life than they have.

Despite lie about degree, VA exec still oversees network of health care centers

And they do nothing to rectify this… #stopsittingonyourthumbs

The Department of Veterans Affairs has kept a high-ranking senior executive in charge of a more than $1 billion network of hospitals and clinics despite learning she had falsely claimed to have a master’s degree in official records for years, documents show.

The director of VA’s Sierra Pacific Network, Sheila M. Cullen falsely claimed in “numerous official documents” that Bernard M. Baruch College-Mount Sinai School of Medicine awarded her a master’s degree she never earned, according to a memo by the VA inspector general’s office. VA officials refuse to say what, if any, punishment Ms. Cullen faced.

But four years later, she remains on the job, overseeing six medical centers and dozens of clinics in northern California, Nevada, Hawaii and the Pacific Rim that provide care to hundreds of thousands of veterans.

Although VA officials were informed about the falsifications in 2009, the question of how they responded remains relevant as lawmakers consider giving the VA more power to fire and demote senior executives.

Lawmakers also are starting to call for the firing of VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki after accusations that VA officials created bogus wait lists of patients to cover up delays for appointments.

Mr. Shinseki has told reporters he takes a tough stance against misconduct and has removed about 6,000 employees in the past two years. But in the case of Ms. Cullen, who is not tied to the wait list scandal, it’s not clear whether VA even tried to punish her.

17-Year-Old High School Student Wins W.Va. GOP Primary On Pro-Life, Pro-Gun Rights Campaign


A week before her high school graduation, Saira Blair was barely old enough to vote when she unseated a West Virginia lawmaker almost four times her age.

After Tuesday’s GOP primary, the 17-year-old is one election away from becoming the youngest state lawmaker in West Virginia history. Larry Swan, sworn in as a 20-year-old delegate in 1972, set the current record.

Blair’s birthday is in July, so she would just meet the 18-year-old minimum age for West Virginia House of Delegates members. Seventeen-year-olds who will turn 18 by the November election can vote in West Virginia’s primary.

Soft-spoken and on-message, Blair is a churchgoer who says she is pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun rights and pro-business. She can rattle off a laundry list of businesses taxes she wants abolished or lowered.

“People saw that you don’t need to wait until you are 40, 50 or 60 to realize our conservative principles are beneficial to everyone,” the Martinsburg teen said of her primary win.

Blair also has family experience on her side. Her electrician father, Craig Blair, is a state senator who once held the House seat she is seeking.

The teenager has more on her mind than stump speeches. She graduates from Hedgesville High School next Wednesday. Then she’ll head to West Virginia University in the fall to pursue economics and Spanish degrees. She says finance is her field of choice.

Blair will skip spring classes if she clinches the Eastern Panhandle seat, since lawmakers convene for business in Charleston from January to March. The two-year House gig pays a $20,000 annual salary, plus per diem.

Finally, the RNC bought a clue…

RNC Spokesman: It’s Time for Conservative Journalists to Moderate Some GOP Primary Debates in 2016

On Friday, RNC spokesman Sean Spicer talked to Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg after the RNC voted to change the rules to include more conservative moderators in the primaries.

Spicer noted the obvious: “ For too long, it’s been the media that’s decided when we’re going to debate, who is going to be in the debate, what questions are going to be asked, what subjects are going to be forward….As we all know, the liberal media does not have the interest of the party at hand . . . You should not just have left-wing, liberal moderators asking questions of our candidates and determining that.”

“Some of the folks in the media try to prepare this as, ‘Oh, you guys don’t want to face tough questions.’ This has nothing to tough questions,” Spicer insisted. “Anyone who has listened to your show, or read Breitbart or The Daily Caller, knows that conservative media is a heckuva lot tougher than mainstream media, but they’re focused on the issues that matter to conservatives and grassroots activists, as opposed to the left-wing liberals out there,”

Spicer added: “And so one of the things that we recognize is that they have a voice in this process. And we need to get people from Newsmax, people from The Daily Caller, people from The Washington Examiner, people from Breitbart….National Review, legitimate conservative journalists need to have a voice in questioning the Republican candidates for the nomination.”

‘But for the Tea Party, You’d Be Nothing’


After the Republican establishment gloated on Tuesday for surviving primary challenges against underfunded Tea Party challengers, conservative talk radio host Mark Levin ripped into the Republican leadership for preferring candidates they can coerce to support policies their conservative constituents oppose.

Levin said the question of whether the Tea Party is dead is a stupid one, and he asked why establishment Republicans were spending “millions of dollars laundered through Karl Rove’s group and Mitch McConnell’s National Republican Senatorial Committee” to fight and trash conservatives:

These “Republican leaders” only want to be in the majority if they can control the people we send to Congress. Mitch McConnell does not want any more Ted Cruzes or Mike Lees, or anybody else who’s going to give him trouble. He wants Republicans who are going to lie down and do what he tells them to do.John Boehner and Eric Cantor? Exactly the same thing. These people are not about empowering the American people; they’re about empowering themselves. They see a majority in the House and a majority in the Senate, not as an opportunity to serve the people, but to serve themselves.

But for the Tea Party, you’d be nothing, as you were before,” Levin told the Republican establishment. “But for the Tea Party, Pelosi would be Speaker.”

And this is why we need a third party…

GOP Groups Spend Three Times as Much Attacking Fellow Republicans as Democrats

Earlier this week, I reported on the absurdity of the open GOP Senate primary in Nebraska. Currently, outside groups affiliated with prominent Republican leaders are flooding the state with dishonest attack ads on the leading Republican candidate in the race, apparently motivated by petty intraparty rivalries. And now the Washington Post and the Center for Public Integrity have tallied up some pretty damning statistics on how this GOP feuding is damaging the party:

According to a great new study from the Center for Public Integrity’s Dave Levinthal, conservative super PACs and other outside groups this year have spent nearly three times as much money directly attacking fellow Republicans ($9.7 million) as directly attacking Democrats ($3.7 million).

Here’s where things get even more interesting: If you take it a step further and combine all spending by conservative and liberal outside groups, a majority of the money spent by these kinds of groups expressly for or against a candidate — 53.8 percent — has been used to attack Republicans ($9.7 million from conservative groups and $13.8 million from liberal groups), while a measly 8.5 percent has been used to attack Democrats.

The GOP is spending 64 percent of all the money used on ads for or against candidates this year, but its candidates are bearing the brunt of more than six times as many attacks ads as Democrats.


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