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The Savage Lands of Islam


There are two Islams. The real Islam of the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia and an imaginary Islam that exists only in the mosques of air and card table Korans of academics apologists and political pundits who have decided that Islam cannot be bad, because no religion can be bad, not even one which kills and kills, it must just be misunderstood.

But then why not tell the Grand Mufti that he has misunderstood his own religion, the religion that he and his ancestors have dedicated themselves to purifying and reforming back to its roots? Telling him that would be a dangerous thing on his own turf, but it would also be foolish. The Grand Mufti’s controversial statements contain nothing that Mohammed had not said.

Can the founder of a religion misunderstand his own teachings?

Islam is savage, intolerant, cruel and expansionistic, not due to a misunderstanding, but an understanding of the worst aspects of human nature. It is what it is and no amount of wishing will make it otherwise.

We have opened the door to the desert and a hot wind blows through into the northern climes. Either we shut the door or get used to living in the Saudi desert.

Oh, really Barry?

Obama defines US as “Muslim Country”

A few days ago President Obama, in an interview he gave France’s Canal+ TV Channel, said that the American people need to be better educated about Islam, since US could and should be regarded as a Muslim country. He said that the number of Muslims residing in the US makes it “one of the biggest Muslim nations”.

In reality the US has one of the smallest percentages of Muslims of any Western country. The number of Muslims in the US is approximately 4.5 million, 1.5% of the population, one of the smallest minorities in the US.  Since there are approximately 1.5 billion Muslims in the world, the number of Muslims in the US is approximately 0.3% of the world Muslim population. By comparison there are between approximately 6 million Jews in the US, who account for approximately a third of the world’s Jewish population. Whereas many Americans regard it as a society based on “Judeo-Christian values”, it is doubtful if there is one sane American who would define it as a Jewish country.

By President Obama’s yardstick, France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy and Holland should all be regarded as “Muslim nations”. In France, which has the biggest Muslim population in Europe, its 4.5 – 5 million Muslims account for 7.5% of the population. In most other Western European countries, Muslims account for approximately 3%-5% of the population.

The only EU citizens who regard their societies either as Muslim ones, or as societies that should be Muslim are those Muslim immigrants and the 2nd generation who have not succeeded in integrating into the societies in which they live, and as a result have become alienated from them.  Even if half of Europe’s Muslims have this attitude (most likely the true number is far less), we are talking at most about 2%-3% of those countries.

Report: ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against Kurds

We have failed the Kurds. Again…

The Syrian city of Kobani on the border with Turkey is under attack from ISIS fighters. Three months ago ISIS tried and failed to take over Kobani despite the fact the terrorist group used a chemical agent, most probably mustard gas, in its attack.

As reported by the Middle East Review of International Affairs​:

Prior to the current campaign, the most serious (but unsuccessful) attempt to conquer Kobani came in July 2014, shortly following the dramatic IS advance into Iraq.

It was during this assault on Kobani that evidence emerged which appeared to point to the use by the Islamic State on at least one occasion of some kind of chemical agent against the Kurdish fighters of the YPG (Peoples’ Protection Units).

According to the MEMRI report, an incident at Avdiko village in Kobani on July 12th suggests that ISIS may well have succeeded in making some of this material available for use in combat. The pictures below seem to verify a mustard attack.  If the chemical agent was taken from the Al Muthanna facility, it means that this terrorist group has WMDs in its arsenal (additional photos at MEMRI).

Seems like they always have a loophole…

ISIS: Sexual Enslavement of Yazidi Women Helps Muslims Avoid Sin

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria says that shari’a law allows the enslavement of women from Iraq’s Yazidi minority because they are pagans, a religious class deemed even worse than “apostates” like Christians and Jews who may be given the convert-or-die option.

An article in the latest edition of the terrorist group’s propaganda publication, Dabiq, also attempts to justify its widespread enslavement of Yazidi women by saying it was needed to prevent Muslim men from being tempted into sinful sexual conduct.

Keeping a slave woman is “the shari’a alternative to marriage,” and when slavery is not available, then “a man who cannot afford marriage to a free woman finds himself surrounded by temptation towards sin,” it says.

Further, a Muslim man who employs a maid at home may be tempted to have sex with her, “whereas if she were his concubine, this relationship would be legal.”

The article concludes that the abandonment of sexual slavery gave rise to an increase in fornication and adultery, as Muslims pursued worldly pleasures rather than jihad. It praises “the Islamic State” for restoring this and all aspects of the correct Islamic order.

The destruction of Syria’s Christian treasures

More destruction from the “Religion of Peace”

The Islamist extremist destruction of historical treasures in the Middle East is nothing less than a crime against civilization. News accounts do not do justice to the loss these barbarians cause as they work their way across Syria, destroying anything that doesn’t fit into the world as they see it.

In June 2001, just three months before Sept. 11, when Western perceptions of Islam and the Middle East were changed forever, I spent two weeks in Syria, visiting the very foundations of Western culture and civilization. Today, it is slowly being destroyed.

Bashar Assad had just come to power, having been called in from practicing ophthalmology in London when his Stalinist father died, and to fill in for his older brother Bassel, the heir-apparent who had wrapped his Mercedes around a tree at 100 miles an hour in 1994. Poor Bashar appeared lost in his new role, and left control of the country to the bagmen and thugs who had run things for his father.

As Islamist extremists continue to terrorize Syria, more Christian villages will be “liberated,” more priceless historical sites destroyed, and many of Syria’s nearly 2 million Christians will be killed. It’s a tragedy for civilization.

Ya think??

Pregnant Austrian teens in ISIS: We’ve made a huge mistake

The teenage girls who abandoned their families in Austria to become jihadis for ISIS feel they’ve made a terrible mistake by joining the barbaric lifestyle and they want to come home.

Samra Kesinovic, 17, and Sabina Selimovic, 15, are believed to be married, pregnant and living in the Islamic State-controlled city of Raqqa in northern Syria, Central European News reports.

Dubbed by Austrian media as the poster girls for jihad, the young friends now believe their lives have been turned upside down by their new lifestyles.

The change of heart is a much different tune than the note they left behind for their parents when they fled back in April, which read: “Don’t look for us. We will serve Allah — and we will die for him.”

Kesinovic and Selimovic grew up in Vienna, where they became accustomed to talking to whomever they wanted, saying whatever they pleased and wearing whatever clothes they liked. They did not have to live a life being controlled by people telling them what they can and cannot do.

But Kesinovic and Selimovic decided to leave all that behind and shack up with the same people they’ve now grown to hate.

For weeks, social media accounts believed to belong to the girls have been posting pictures and information leading many to feel they enjoyed living a life of terror.

Authorities in Austria say this was all an elaborate plan set up by ISIS in order to get people to think the two wanted to be the poster girls for jihad in Syria.

The brilliance of youth…

Al Qaeda lures hundreds of teen girls from Europe to Syria to be jihadists’ spouses

They are the brides of an Islamic Frankenstein.

Hundreds of teenage girls from Britain, France and elsewhere in Europe have been lured to Syria to serve as spouses for Al Qaeda terrorists and other jihadists fighting there, according to published reports Friday.

Many of them are like 15-year-old Nora, a daughter of Moroccan immigrants to Avignon, France.

“She was being commanded by remote control,” her family’s lawyer, Guy Guenoun, told the Associated Press. “And now she has made a trip to the pit of hell.”

But the recruiters aren’t just preying on vulnerable girls from Muslim families — at least one of the victims is a Jew, according to the AP.

Nora, her older brother Foad said, was sucked into the jihadi life via social media and through Islamist propaganda videos that fuel their fantasies about fighting for what is portrayed as a noble cause.

Why we’re still so screwed…

State Department Endorses Handbook Calling Jihad ‘Noble’

The U.S. State Department endorsed on Wednesday a controversial anti-terror handbook published by Canada’s Muslim community that refers to jihad as “noble” and urges law enforcement to avoid using terms such as “Islamic extremism.”

The handbook, published earlier this month by two Canadian Muslim community organizations, was so controversial that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) flatly rejected the manual and ordered its officers not to use it.

Yet the State Department’s official anti-terrorism Twitter feed, called Think Again Turn Away, appeared to endorse the controversial handbook on Twitter and linked to a positive article about it.

The handbook, titled United Against Terrorism, has become a contentious issue for the RCMP since its release. Several sections of the guide instruct Muslim community members not to cooperate with police while others claim jihad “is a noble concept.”

The RCMP ultimately decided to reject the book, citing its “adversarial tone.”

“After a final review of the handbook, the RCMP could not support the adversarial tone set by elements of the booklet and therefore directed RCMP Manitoba not to proceed with this initiative,” the police force said in a statement posted on its website.

The handbook itself recommends that “intelligence and law enforcement officials” should “avoid terms such as ‘Islamist terrorism’, ‘Islamicism’, and ‘Islamic extremism’ in favor of more accurate terms such as ‘al Qaeda inspired extremist,’” according to one section of the handbook, which still bears RCMP’s official logo.

When they’re yelling “Allāhu Akbar” while beheading someone…

It has EVERYTHING to do with Islam

Last Thursday morning as Colleen Hufford arose and readied for work, her thoughts very likely were on the day ahead, things needing to be done, realizing that tomorrow would be Friday and maybe even thinking up weekend plans with her grandchildren. Little did she know that she was en route to becoming another statistic, a sticking point in the manic affirmations of America’s leaders that her death, like so many before hers, “had nothing to do with Islam.”

But the truth is Ms Hufford’s grisly demise has everything to do with Islam, as does the death of the victims of Nidal Hasan in the Fort Hood rampage, the beheading of British Army drummer, Lee Rigby, in May of last year and countless other victims of this sick death cult we know as Islam.

Let’s not mince words here, the constant attempt at redefining reality by our leaders’ insistence that the Muslim violence we are witnessing on a daily basis has nothing to do with the Muslim religion, is frankly offensive and in the end encourages more and ever grislier acts of terror.

In “problem solving 101” we learned that location and formulation of the problem was the first step in finding a solution. However, covering one’s eyes and pretending there is no problem will not make the problem disappear. In point of fact, it will only make the problem bigger and much harder to solve.

So long as western leaders, like Barack Obama, David Cameron and others continue to insist that these acts of violence are mere “workplace violence” or “isolated instances” they will continue to provide cover to the insidious and duplicitous cancer growing in our midst.

I’m certain there are Muslims that do not agree with the violence, just as there were Germans that disagreed with the Nazis. We saw the results of the quiescence of the Germans who were too timid to speak out against the Nazis. We are beginning to see the results of the silence of so-called “moderate” Muslims.

None dare call it a “religious act”…

Oklahoma Beheading Suspect Charged with First Degree Murder: ‘Not a Religious Act, Race-Related’

Alton Nolen, the Muslim convert who recently beheaded an innocent coworker at a Vaughan’s Food factory, was charged with three felony counts this morning at a Cleveland County Courthouse in Norman, Oklahoma.

Nolen faces one count of first degree murder, one count of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, and a final count of assault with a deadly weapon.

At a press conference this morning, Cleveland County District Attorney Greg Mashburn said that the gruesome attack was race-related and not a religious act, but he did admit that Nolen was infatuated with beheadings, which was evident from his facebook page.

“Altercation earlier in the day had to do with race, (Nolen) was saying he didn’t like white people,” Mashburn stated during the conference.

Mashburn said Nolen was retaliating against his coworkers who allegedly “oppressed” him at work. Several of them, victim Traci Johnson included, had filed complaints against him.

According to Mashburn, the attack is not considered an act of terror, and it will have to be pursued by federal authorities.


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