Fracture Putty not to be confused with Silly Putty

Great news via Glenn Reynolds, who does a great job of keeping us all informed on successful therapies related to stem cells. This time, it’s Fracture Putty:

Broken bones can mean weeks of having to wear a cast and the muscle atrophy that comes with that. More severe breaks can take months to mend, result in restricted movement, or in the worst cases the possible loss of a limb. There’s also the chance of re-fracture due to the amount of time some breaks take to heal if a patient isn’t extremely careful.

Speeding up the time it takes to heal a broken bone is highly desirable, and a solution may be on the horizon. Research being carried out at the University of Georgia Regenerative Bioscience Center has helped create a new gel being referred to as Fracture Putty. It’s major benefit to those suffering broken bones is its ability to heal them in just a few days, or in the case of severe breaks, cut the healing time to weeks instead of months.

Fracture Putty has yet to be tested on humans, but it has already been proven to work in animals. The putty takes the form of a gel that gets injected into the broken bones. It then goes to work rapidly generating bone much faster than a body can achieve on its own.

Pretty cool. UGA today writes:

To start the bone regeneration process, the RBC used adult stem cells that produce a protein involved in bone healing and generation. They then incorporated them into a gel, combining the healing properties into something Stice calls “fracture putty.”

With Peroni’s assistance, the Houston-based team used a stabilizing device and inserted putty into fractures in rats. Video of the healed animals at two weeks shows the rats running around and standing on their hind legs with no evidence of injury. The RBC researchers are testing the material in pigs and sheep, too.

“The small-animal work has progressed, and we are making good progress in large animals,” he said.

More work is needed to get to human medical trials, but the threat of losing federal funding for biomedical work through the DOD means they will have to find new ways to fund the project.

People who are accustomed to taking their cues from the mainstream media, or Comedy Central or Democrats would probably be surprised to learn that the Catholic Church helps to fund Adult Stem Cell Research and supports the development of healing therapies using them.

Because you know…Christians hate science; isn’t that the narrative? It is a narrative as demonstrably inaccurate as the new meme that’s being framed up by the press and the Democrats: that a majority of Catholics support the HHS Mandate (um, no, they don’t), and that the mandate is “only about contraception.”.

No. It ain’t.

Yeah, I’m in a bad mood today. But this stem cell news makes me feel better!

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