Is the Ivy League Fair to Asian Americans?


Again, the implication here seems to be that while Asian-American applicants as a group excel at tests, an important factor in admissions, their talents, skills, and other interests tend to be significantly inferior to students of other races, and having them around isn’t as enriching for other students. Given what you know about the vagaries of college admissions, do you think that’s a rigorously reached conclusion, however uncomfortable, or an echo of the prejudicial stereotypes of Asian Americans that are pervasive in society? If the former, you have more faith in the Ivy League than me.

“Without practices like affirmative action,” Bugarin continues, “admissions officers are constrained to select only those who demonstrate a very narrow set of skills, which is not necessarily what our nation and economy need.” Again, is there any reason to think that Asian Americans are more “narrow” in their skills than folks from other groups? And even if it were so, wouldn’t it emerge from an admissions regime that took all sorts of things into consideration, but explicitly did not factor an applicant’s race into the process?

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