Justice Department Failure: Suit Filed Over DOJ Refusal to Clean Up Voter Rolls


Filing the ACRU lawsuits against Jefferson Davis County and Walthall County were three former Justice Department lawyers: Christopher Coates, Christian Adams (the legal editor of PJ Media), and Henry Ross. As the complaints outline, the U.S. Census says Jefferson Davis County has only 9,536 residents of voting age. Yet the county has 10,078 registered voters, giving it a registration rate of 105 percent. (The national average hovers at about 70 percent.)

Walthall County rolls are even more astonishing. The Census counts only 11,368 voting-age residents there, but the county boasts 14,108 registered voters — a 124 percent registration rate.

County officials don’t seem too concerned about it, though. They refused to respond to the ACRU’s request for information on what Walthall County was doing to comply with the Motor Voter requirements.  Section 8 requires states and local election officials to make “a reasonable effort to remove the names of ineligible voters” when they die or move away.

That may seem to be a commonsense requirement, but the radical wing of the civil rights community loathes the provision.

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