This is my blog and you’re welcome to read it or not, but I wanted a place to set links to assemble the increasing outrageousness of the politics going forth in this country and the world. Also, interesting facts and stories on Mormonism, my religion of choice.

And technology and….and…oh, heck, it’s just a mash of a lot of thoughts and concerns.

I ask that you don’t denigrate or offend my sense on this blog. There are plenty of other places to spew your vile if you’ve a mind to and if I don’t like your comment, I won’t post it. But maybe writing it will make you feel better anyway. Sort of like writing a flaming letter and then throwing it away without it being sent…. And besides, I’m not asking you to agree with me or even read this blog but, I hope you enjoy getting another perspective on things going on in the world. Come back often.

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  1. Differing opinions make the world turn.

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