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Boy Scouts End Ban on Gay Scoutmasters: LGBT Groups Not Satisfied Unless Religious Liberty Is Trampled


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At Anti-Bullying Conference, Iowa Middle Schoolers Learn About Lesbian Strap-On Anal Sex, Fake Testicles.

In rural, small-town Iowa, a group of parents and community leaders is seeking to prevent students from the local taxpayer-funded middle school and high school from attending future versions of an anti–bullying conference for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens.

The last one — in April — left many of the denizens of Humboldt, Iowa up in arms, reports Des Moines NBC affiliate WHO-TV.

Iowa Safe Schools, an activist group out of Des Moines, hosted the conference.

It was quite something.

Among the nearly two dozen speakers, “only two” addressed bullying, one attendee estimated, according to

The rest of the sessions involved issues such as “how to pleasure their gay partners.”

Middle school girls from Humboldt (pop.: 4,690) had the opportunity to learn “how to sew fake testicles into their underwear in order to pass themselves off as boys.”

One speaker wore a dress made out of condoms to which could be “used as needed.” . . .

Nate Monson, executive director of Iowa Safe Schools, said parents who worry about middle school kids hearing about anal sex with strap-ons and analingus are “disgusting.”

“It’s incredibly frustrating that adults are being the problem and being the bully,” Monson told the Des Moines NBC affiliate. “

If I were a parent in this district, I would not stop until heads rolled. I looked up Iowa Safe Schools, the organization that sponsored this “event,” and discovered that, despite a moniker suggesting that it’s aimed at reducing bullying, it’s actually a LGBT promotion organization, with its mission statement as follows:

The mission of Iowa Safe Schools is to: a) improve school climate in order to increase the personal safety, mental health, and student learning of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and allied (LGBTA) and all other students; b) increase awareness and understanding among current and future educators, school administrators, and key community agents of inequities regarding the safety of LGBTA students and their family member(s) in schools and communities throughout Iowa.  Iowa Safe Schools also seeks to empower these key actors with effective, research-based tools and strategies to combat intolerance and safety inequities.

No one wants LGBT–or any other kids–to be bullied at school. But there is a huge difference between promoting LGBT tolerance and promoting LGBT sex, and the event in Humboldt crossed the line. And the line-crossing doesn’t seem to be limited to the Humboldt event. Back in April, at an event in Des Moines called “The Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth”–also sponsored by Iowa Safe Schools–students were similarly shocked to find that an event billed as “anti-bullying” turned out to be LGBT promotion:

What one student thought was going to be a day to support anti-bullying at the Governor’s Conference on LGBTQ Youth, turned out to be much more graphic.

A metro high school student who attended the conference says she was overwhelmed by a sexually explicit question and answer forum at one of the workshops. She was so shocked that she recorded a portion of the Q&A, where someone anonymously asked if anal sex was painful.

The conference hosted by Iowa Safe Schools. Executive Director Nate Monson defends the open forum and says it’s the only chance many LGBTQ teens have to get answers.

Since when does a teen’s desire to “get answers” mean that all fellow students must hear a graphic answer, down to specifics about sexual toys and positions?  When did sexual education turn into sexual proselytizing?

Iowa Safe Schools and other similar LGBT “safe schools” efforts aren’t about preventing bullying or even sexual education, but about promotion of LGBT sex.  Yes, students need to learn the specifics about body parts, how they work, and how babies are made. Such education became integral, after all, to help prevent unwanted pregnancies. But unwanted pregnancy is not possible with LGBT sex. So teaching about specific LGBT sexual techniques and practices isn’t sexual education, it’s sexual promotion. And many parents are, understandably, not comfortable with the public school system being used for such promotion. Those parents who are comfortable with teaching sexual promotion–learning the means of sexual pleasure–are of course free to discuss these matters with their children.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad (a Republican) and the Iowa legislature should immediately ban all “safe school” efforts sponsored by Iowa Safe Schools.

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What the Social Justice Warriors forget: voters don’t like mean people


I woke up yesterday morning deeply confused. If there is one thing that I thought I’d learned over the past few weeks, it’s that history has a “side,” and I don’t happen to be on it. My views — pro-life, pro-traditional-marriage — were yesterday’s news. The rainbow White House, rainbow Facebook, and — most important — the rainbow Supreme Court all told me so. The culture war was over. All that was left was the mop-up operation. I should hightail it back to my “house of worship” — which the Left would leave alone (for now) — while it purged the academy and the marketplace of the last vestiges of bigotry and backward thinking. It was time to bankrupt the Christian bakers.

All of this was so crystal clear that imagine my confusion when I discovered that since the Supreme Court’s Obergefell decision, three separate polls showed that support for same-sex marriage had declined. Not only that, but almost six in ten Americans now support the right of religious business owners to decline to participate in same-sex weddings — a sharp increase. At the same time, Planned Parenthood — the world’s largest abortion provider and the social-justice Left’s favorite organization — was reeling from revelations that its senior leaders appear to just love to talk about selling baby parts. After all, there are Lamborghinis to buy.

And why would the polls be showing such a sudden shift to “the wrong side of history” in the middle of a revolutionary, victorious era for the left? Because, as French points out, people don’t like a bully.

What’s happened? The Social Justice Warriors forgot that most Americans just don’t like mean people. And in one two-week span of American life, millions of SJWs helpfully and unmistakably labeled themselves with their rainbow profile pictures, then proceeded to act like hectoring, condescending, arrogant scolds — loudly and publicly — day after day. They were mean. They mocked Christians, celebrated the plight of a Christian baker’s family as it faced financial ruin for refusing to facilitate a gay wedding, and kept pointing at the Supreme Court and White House as if they represented some sort of cosmic scoreboard — as if the only conservative response was to take their ball, slink away, and go home.

While I always admire David’s no-nonsense approach to such subjects, there’s a bit more nuance to this story. I don’t think Americans tend to flatly reject a bit of tough talk and aggressive fighting for a cause which someone believes in. We’ve seen examples of that dating from Teddy Roosevelt to Donald Trump. And if the cause is judged to have some merit, most of us are willing to tolerate a reasonable amount of end zone dancing when a victory is achieved.

But what French seems to be getting at – and it’s a point I completely agree on – is that when a group which claims to be bullied or oppressed realizes a victory, Americans traditionally are not going to get behind the idea of that same group turning around and using that as an excuse to bully or oppress someone else. There’s wide approval of the gay rights movement winning the marriage argument at the Supreme Court. But when they turn around and use that victory as a cudgel to beat down Christian bakers, photographers and others, you see their fans heading for the exits quickly, and the recent polls David highlights are probably the first, growing proof of that trend.

The same goes for other areas of social debate. You can no doubt find many sympathetic ears when you talk about minorities facing perceived abuse at the hands of rogue police officers. But when you finish making that point and follow it up by having some of your members marching in the streets calling for dead cops, you become the enemy instead of the hero. And no matter how much you may find yourself supporting abortion when it’s framed as a medical choice for individual mothers, the ghoulish images of Planned Parenthood directors talking about “less crunchy” ways of chopping up unborn babies for organ recovery is still going to be turning a lot of stomachs.

No matter the topic in our various social conversations in America, you can always go too far. (This applies to conservative causes as well, so let this be a lesson to all.) Nobody likes mean people unless they’re in the movies or on television, and even then they need some sliver of redeeming value. When you turn a political victory into an excuse for the oppressed to become the oppressor, you’re going to wind up losing in the end.

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‘The Whole Purpose’ of Planned Parenthood Is to ‘Eliminate Black People,’ Ben Carson Says


Republican 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson recently made the assertion on a Iowa conservative radio show that the “purpose” behind Margaret Sanger’s founding of the abortion giant Planned Parenthood was to “eliminate black people,” and also questioned whether or not President Barack Obama realizes that.

While the 63-year-old retired neurosurgeon was going in and out of reception during his phone interview with radio host Jan Mickelson on WHO Radio in Des Moines, Mickelson played a clip of an Obama speech from last year where the president defended Planned Parenthood and even said “Thank you Planned Parenthood. God bless you.”

“You wonder if he actually knows the history of Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger, who was trying to eliminate black people,” Carson replied. “That was the whole purpose of it.”

Mickelson then played an audio clip of 2016 Democratic frontrunner and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from 2009, when she was awarded the Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger Award. In her acceptance speech, Clinton gave high praises to Sanger even though Sanger was known for advocating racist ideals.

“I admire Margaret Sanger enormously, her courage, her tenacity, her vision,” Clinton stated. “I am really in awe of her.”

Mickelson responded by saying how hypocritical it is for people to destroy Confederate flags and Confederate tombstones but still continue to honor Sanger.

“We have reached a time where people are so desensitized where they are not horrified by this kind of activity,” Carson said. “We’ve allowed the secular progressive movement to [desensitize society] to the point where things are no longer wrong.”

Carson stated that the pro-life movement should see the recent Planned Parenthood revelation as a “smoking gun” to push for the defunding of the leading abortion company, which receives about $500 million in taxpayer funding each year.

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Unhealthy Fixation


Is genetically engineered food dangerous? Many people seem to think it is. In the past five years, companies have submitted more than 27,000 products to the Non-GMO Project, which certifies goods that are free of genetically modified organisms. Last year, sales of such products nearly tripled. Whole Foods will soon require labels on all GMOs in its stores. Abbott, the company that makes Similac baby formula, has created a non-GMO version to give parents “peace of mind.” Trader Joe’s has sworn off GMOs. So has Chipotle.

Some environmentalists and public interest groups want to go further. Hundreds of organizations, including Consumers Union, Friends of the Earth, Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Center for Food Safety, and the Union of Concerned Scientists, are demanding “mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods.” Since 2013, Vermont, Maine, and Connecticut have passed laws to require GMO labels. Massachusetts could be next.

The World Health Organization, the American Medical Association, the National Academy of Sciences, and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have all declared that there’s no good evidence GMOs are unsafe. Hundreds of studies back up that conclusion. But many of us don’t trust these assurances. We’re drawn to skeptics who say that there’s more to the story, that some studies have found risks associated with GMOs, and that Monsanto is covering it up.

Some people, to this day, believe GE papayas are dangerous. They want more studies. They’ll always want more studies. They call themselves skeptics. But when you cling to an unsubstantiated belief, even after two decades of research and experience, that’s not skepticism. It’s dogma.

The reason it hasn’t is that we’ve been stuck in a stupid, wasteful fight over GMOs. On one side is an army of quacks and pseudo-environmentalists waging a leftist war on science. On the other side are corporate cowards who would rather stick to profitable weed-killing than invest in products that might offend a suspicious public. The only way to end this fight is to educate ourselves and make it clear to everyone—European governments, trend-setting grocers, fad-hopping restaurant chains, research universities, and biotechnology investors—that we’re ready, as voters and consumers, to embrace nutritious, environmentally friendly food, no matter where it got its genes. We want our GMOs. Now, show us what you can do.

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The Silly and Dangerous Things Senators Say


Reimagining the First Amendment:

Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) says the 1st Amendment’s religious liberty protections don’t apply to individuals.

On MSNBC last week, Wisconsin’s junior Senator claimed that the Constitution’s protection of the free exercise of religion extends only to religious institutions, and that individual’s do not have a right to the free exercise of their own religion.

The exact quote form Senator Baldwin is somewhat less dramatic but more worrisome:

Certainly the first amendment says that in institutions of faith that there is absolute power to, you know, to observe deeply held religious beliefs. But I don’t think it extends far beyond that. We’ve seen the set of arguments play out in issues such as access to contraception. Should it be the individual pharmacist whose religious beliefs guides whether a prescription is filled, or in this context, they’re talking about expanding this far beyond our churches and synagogues to businesses and individuals across this country. I think there are clear limits that have been set in other contexts and we ought to abide by those in this new context across America.

So you can have freedom of religion in Sen. Baldwin’s America, you just have avoid talking about your religious views in public. It’s a definition of freedom so narrow it could easily fit within the confines of an authoritarian state. Even the nominally communist oligarchs who rule China don’t really care what you think, so long as you don’t offend the party with your words.

What is being established, under the cover of the gay marriage debate, is a new set of hate crime laws directed at Americans of faith. The Left has done a superb job of framing this issue as one about the rights of homosexuals. This automatically paints any critics as bigots regardless of their personal values or beliefs. Once the dust settles gay marriage will be an established legal and cultural fact. What will become apparent shortly thereafter is that freedom of speech has been dramatically narrowed in modern America.

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Anthony Hervey, Black Confederate Flag Supporter, Dies in Suspicious Car Wreck


A black activist who defended the Confederate Flag died Sunday when the vehicle he was driving overturned, and another black Confederate flag defender who survived the accident says the vehicle was forced off the road by a group of young black men.

Anthony Hervey was killed Sunday on Mississippi Highway 6. Hervey was well-known in his hometown of Oxford for wearing a Confederate uniform and supporting the Confederate flag.

Although the ABC News headline reads Black Mississippi Flag Supporter Dies in Traffic Accident, the survivor claims it was no accident.

As ABC / AP report in the body of the story:

A passenger in Hervey’s car, Arlene Barnum, tells The Associated Press that Hervey swerved and crashed after another vehicle carrying four or five young black men pulled up alongside them, yelling and looking angry. Barnum said Hervey yelled something back at the other vehicle before losing control and crashing.

“It spun like crazy and we flipped, flipped, flipped. It was awful,” she said.

At 11;25am Barnum posted to her Facebook page.

HELP.. They after us. My vehicle inside down.

At 11:28, she posted:

Anthony Hervy pinned in ., gas leaking

Barnum and Hervey were returning from a Saturday event to save the Linn Park Confederate Monument in Birmingham, Alabama.

In a video on her Facebook page posted Sunday evening, Barnum says that nobody hacked her Facebook account and that she survived the accident.

A hospital official told Breitbart News that Barnum has been released.

The McAlester News-Capital reports that they called the Mississippi Highway Patrol, who confirmed the roll-over accident was near Oxford, Mississippi but said they could not give any further information because the incident was under investigation.

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NAACP still pushing to sandblast Confederate leaders from Stone Mountain

You will be made to care…

Once the Confederate Battle Flag came down on the grounds of the South Carolina Capitol complex, the Left had won their great victory and everyone could go home and get on with their lives, right? (I’ll pause for a moment so everyone can finish laughing.) Of course not. Nothing is ever truly going to be enough, and the NAACP has been on a push for more than a week with a larger target in mind. A much, much larger target. They would like the 90 by 190 foot sculpture at Stone Mountain Park in Georgia sandblasted from the face of the mountain. Rising 400 feet above the ground, it’s the largest, highest outdoor relief sculpture in the world and depicts Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. And if the NAACP gets their way, it’s going to be destroyed.

The famous outdoor relief sculpture depicting Confederate leaders on Stone Mountain in Georgia has come under attack from the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP. The chapter’s leader is calling for the removal of the Confederate Memorial Carving that depicts Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson.

A press release from Richard Rose, the president of the Atlanta chapter of the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored People, calls for the elimination of the Confederate carving, calling it a “glorification of white supremacy.”

“It is time for Georgia and other Southern states to end the glorification of slavery and white supremacy paid for and maintained with the taxes of all its citizens,” the release states.

Mr. Rose is really big on the tax dollars issue, and when the public purse is involved he has a point: people should have a say in how their money is spent. Or at least Rose would have a good point were it not for one inconvenient fact. The statue is maintained by the Stone Mountain Memorial Association and their funding isn’t coming from the taxpayer’s purse.

The Stone Mountain Memorial Association (SMMA), a State of Georgia authority, is self-supporting and receives no tax dollars, is responsible for Georgia’s Stone Mountain Park.

SMMA was created in 1958 by an Act of the Georgia Legislature. This legislation, the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 12-3-190 is also known as the “Stone Mountain Memorial Association Act”. From its original creation and through amendments to the Act, the purpose of the Association is for the proper development, management, preservation, and protection of Stone Mountain as a Confederate Memorial and public recreation area.

Further, this isn’t the State Capitol grounds. It’s a park. Its operational costs are covered through hosting events and private fundraising. And part of their fundamental mission is educational in nature.

We should have known (and some of us predicted) that this was far from over. As long as this is a bone which the SJW feels like they can gnaw on to positive political effect and press their advantage, this isn’t going to stop. And as long as our elected leaders keep kowtowing in fear and offering weak excuses, the results will be the same every time. Go see the memorial while you can. The way things are going this year there may actually be a crew up there with dynamite before winter arrives. That’s sad, too. I’ve been to the park and it’s simply breathtaking.

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As well he should

Ben Shapiro Files Police Report Against Transgender Reporter Zoey Tur

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large Ben Shapiro has filed a report with the Los Angeles Police Department alleging battery against transgender Inside Edition reporter Zoey Tur, née Robert Albert Tur.

Shapiro filed the report Sunday morning, two days after a contentious exchange with Tur on the HLN program Dr. Drew. On a panel discussion over Bruce Jenner’s receipt of ESPN’s Arthur Ashe Courage Award, Tur grabbed Shapiro’s neck and growled, “You cut that out now, or you’ll go home in an ambulance.” Shapiro later alleged that Tur had threatened him after the appearance, “I’ll see you in the parking lot,” and that CNN security had escorted Shapiro to his car after ensuring Tur had left the premises. Tur also tweeted out on Friday that he would like to “curb stomp” Shapiro.

“Just because the left has designated someone a member of the victim class does not mean that that person gets to infringe the rights of others,” he said of his report. “Until the left learns that, their aggression will not stop.” Shapiro also said that he had spoken with a detective at LAPD, and that he would be pursuing any possibility of charges regarding alleged criminal threats.

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All roads lead to the White House…

Rolling Stone says White House adviser introduced U.Va. rape accuser

Rolling Stone has confirmed for the first time in a court filing that a University of Virginia sexual assault victim advocate, who also served on an Obama administration White House task force, introduced the student who became the centerpiece of the magazine’s now-retracted story about a gang rape on campus.

The move could open the door for the magazine to try to shift blame to the university for a journalism debacle that continues to reverberate across the country.

Rolling Stone’s legal filing late last week came in response to a $7.5 million libel lawsuit filed by U.Va. Dean Nicole Eramo, who claims she was unfairly depicted as the “chief villain” in the now discredited article about a woman nicknamed “Jackie” who claimed she was gang-raped at a fraternity. Police who investigated the claim said they found no evidence of such an attack.

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