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At least someone’s standing firm…

Texas Town Supports Forbidding Sharia Law Despite Plea From New Islamic Tribunal; Mayor Says Citizens Need To Respect US Law

“As Mayor of the City of Irving, I took an oath to uphold the laws of the State of Texas and the Constitution of the United States,” Duyne wrote. “American citizens need to remember that their rights are guaranteed by the Constitution and I believe no one should subjugate themselves to anything less.”

Some versions of sharia law, which have been implemented in Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, enforce strict punishments that often violate basic human rights. For example, under sharia law, a thief may have his hand chopped off, while a person that commits adultery can be stoned to death. Sharia law also tends to place strong restrictions on the rights of women.

Although Duyne admits that she does not quite fully understand how the Irving tribunal will operate, she wrote that she will not hesitate to crack down on the tribunal should it impose rulings contradictory to state and federal laws.

“While I am working to better understand how this ‘court’ will function and whom will be subject to its decisions, please know if it is determined that there are violations of basic rights occurring, I will not stand idle and will fight with every fiber of my being against this action,” Duyne asserted. “Our nation cannot be so overly sensitive in defending other cultures that we stop protecting our own. The American Constitution and our guaranteed rights reign supreme in our nation and may that ever be the case.”

In an interview with local media, an Irving imam, Moujahed Bakhach, explained that the tribunal will simply act as a source of koranic mediation for conflicts among the Muslims in the community. He feels people might get the wrong idea about sharia law because of how barbarically it is implemented in other nations around the world.

“We are not here to invade the White House or invade Austin. … We are humble and want to settle a problem between Muslims,” Bakhach said. “Maybe in their mind, the misconception about what they see through the media is that shariah means cut the head, chop the heads, cut the hands, and we are not into that.”

In a recent interview with The Blaze, Duyne said that when she met with members of the tribunal to discuss their issues, they blamed her for “stirring up all kinds of Islamophobia.” She added that they asked her about a “dozen times” to issue an apology and retraction, and publish an explanation for her February Facebook statement. Duyne denied those requests.

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Stupid is as stupid does…

NY High School Apologizes for Arabic Version of Pledge of Allegiance

A school in upstate New York has apologized for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic after complaints from district residents who lost family members in the Afghanistan war.

The pledge was read in Arabic during Wednesday morning announcements at Pine Bush High School, 65 miles northwest of New York City.

Some students were angered and responded with catcalls. District Superintendent Joan Carbone told the Times Herald-Record of Middletown ( ) that she received complaints from residents who lost relatives in Afghanistan and from Jewish parents.

The Arabic reading of the pledge has “divided the school in half,” she told the newspaper.

The district said the school’s foreign language department arranged to have the pledge recited in different languages for National Foreign Language Week, which was last week.

Andrew Zink, the senior class president, usually gives the morning announcements and recites the pledge. He said he allowed an Arabic-speaking student to handle the pledge duties Wednesday.

“The intention was to promote the fact that those who speak a language other than English still pledge to salute this great country,” the district said in its statement.

In 2013, the parents of several Jewish students attending Pine Bush elementary and middle schools said their children were the targets of anti-Semitic harassment from classmates. The families filed a federal civil rights lawsuit, claiming district officials turned a blind eye to the behavior. In November, a federal judge in White Plains ruled the case could go forward.

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Creflo “Sees the light” or at least the writing on the wall…

Creflo Dollar Shuts Down Campaign for $65 Million Jet; Will Now Focus on ‘Spreading the Gospel’

After a bruising weekend handling ferocious backlash over his campaign to acquire a $65 million Gulfstream G650 airplane with planned donations of $300 or more from 200,000 people, controversial televangelist and founder of World Changers Church International, Creflo Dollar has completely abandoned the idea and will only consider acquiring one in the future if it’s “properly priced.”

“There is no campaign right now,” said Juda Engelmayer of 5W Public Relations, who represents Creflo Dollar Ministries, in an interview with The Christian Post on Monday. The website hosting the campaign page was deactivated last week and an option to donate to the G650 campaign through the Creflo Dollar Ministries website was removed Monday afternoon.

Dollar, who has an international ministry, was banking on raising enough money to buy the luxury jet to replace one owned by his ministry that was significantly damaged in an accident last November.

Maybe they should ask Al Sharpton to contribute…

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Mormon Law to Balance Gay Rights, Religious Freedom Supported by Pro-Gay Rights Group Human Rights Campaign


Human Rights Campaign legal director Sarah Warbelow (Right) discusses the passage of Utah Senate Bill 296, which extends discrimination protections to the LGBT community in the workplace and housing market.

The national LGBT advocacy group Human Rights Campaign is voicing its support for a Mormon Church-backed non-discrimination bill that was signed into Utah law last week, which is being touted by some as legislation that could be used as a “toolkit” for finding the middle ground between gay rights and freedom of religion in the workplace.

Last Wednesday, Utah lawmakers passed Senate Bill 296, which was inspired by a negotiated settlement between the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Utah gay rights advocates. The law prohibits discrimination against LGBT persons in housing markets and in the workplace, while providing exemptions for religiously affiliated housing.

The law also protects people from being fired for any religious or political expression, or speech outside the workplace, and gives parity to religious or political expression inside the workplace.

At a Brookings Institution panel on Monday discussing the cooperation between the church and gay rights advocates in creating the bill, HRC legal director Sarah Warbelow argued that the passage of S.B. 296 is a vital step in the right direction for the state of Utah but that doesn’t mean that the legislation can be simply taken and applied in other states or at the federal level.

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George Washington University Young America’s Foundation Chapter Targeted As A ‘Hate Group’


The George Washington University’s Young America’s Foundation is being targeted as a hate group for requesting an exemption from LGBT sensitivity training.

It will request an exemption from participating in mandatory LGBT sensitivity training, should it be enacted on campus later this month.

The GW Student Association voted in favor of a series of bills last month that would publish a list of gender-neutral bathrooms and add a gender-neutral option to all office forms, in addition to the mandatory sensitivity training for student organizations.

The school’s YAF chapter has stated that, should this legislation pass, the organization will be requesting an exemption due to the religious beliefs of many of its members.

The YAF chapter’s president, Emily Jashinsky, was quoted in the GW Hatchet saying, “Mandated training is not really being tolerant of all religious beliefs. The way people who are deeply Christian behave is for a reason, and if you’re training them to change that behavior, there’s obviously a problem with that.”

In response to YAF’s statement, GW Allied in Pride issued a statement on its Facebook page:

“If GW YAF refuses to participate in safe zone trainings that are aimed at increasing safety and understanding, then they should be considered a hate group, and thereby, be revoked of all funding from the Student Association at The George Washington University.”

The group argues that because Young America’s Foundation is a political organization and not explicitly religious, it should not be allowed to seek an exemption. Jashinsky told the Hatchet that certain aspects of the training, such as promoting the use of alternative gender-neutral pronouns, would be incongruent with some members’ religious beliefs.

They call it “Sensitivity Training”. We call it an attempt at Forced Indoctrination. Tomatoes, Tomahtoes…

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Maybe he’ll listen to them. But, probably not…

Why Arab leaders are telling Obama to listen to Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may have looked like he stood alone at the podium as he addressed Congress this week.

But as he hammered away at his view that a nuclear deal with Iran would dangerously empower an Iranian regime already in full expansion mode, his words no doubt drew vigorous nods from what might seem a surprising group: Arab leaders from Saudi Arabia to Egypt.

Already alarmed at the gains the Shiite government in Tehran is making in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and now apparently in Yemen, Sunni Arab leaders worry that an American accord with Iran on its nuclear program will seal the deal on a decade of expanding Iranian influence.

“The focus has been on Netanyahu and his concerns about a nuclear deal, as if he were the only one, but the Arabs are increasingly alarmed at the prospect of a flawed nuclear deal and what that would mean for the region,” says James Phillips, senior research fellow for Middle Eastern affairs at the Heritage Foundation in Washington.

That “alarm” has sharpened in recent months with the growing perception among Arabs that the Obama administration sees Iran as a “useful ally” in the fight against the Islamic State, Mr. Phillips says.

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Netanyahu: ‘Even If Israel Has to Stand Alone, Israel Will Stand’


Netanyahu opened by expressing his humility for the invite, calling Congress the “most important legislative body in the world.” He then apologized for the speech itself becoming controversial. “That was never my intention,” he stated. “I want to thank you, Democrats and Republicans, for your common support for Israel, year after year, decade after decade. I know that on whichever side of the aisle you sit, you stand with Israel.”

That clever gambit – an attempt to kill the Obama administration and the boycotting Democrats with kindness – placed President Obama’s puerile spitefulness on Israel in stark contrast. That, of course, was the point. Every time Netanyahu spelled out the ways in which the Obama administration had helped Israel – instances that were, by and large, pro forma commitments every American president makes to Israel – he forced Obama into a corner. Turning the other political cheek turned out to be a powerful weapon.

Obama is forwarding Iran’s march, despite Iran’s obvious intention to destroy the West. Many commentators have described Netanyahu as the true leader of the free world, given President Obama’s unwillingness to speak on behalf of a free world. He made that case today before Congress:

Iran’s regime is as radical as ever. Its cries of Death to America, the same nation it calls the Great Satan, are as loud as ever. This shouldn’t be surprising…[Iran’s] ideology is rooted in militant Islam. That’s why this regime will always be an enemy of America.

“Militant Islam.” The two words Obama refuses to say in that order.

Netanyahu vowed, “as PM of Israel, I can promise you one more thing. Even if Israel has to stand alone, Israel will stand. But I know that Israel does not stand alone, I know that America stands with Israel, I know that you stand with Israel.”

More of a leader than Obama could ever hope to be. He shows a passion for his country Obama has never expressed.

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ISIS Releases 19 Assyrian Christians but Hundreds Remain Captive; Refuses to Free 6-Year-Old Girl


Terrorists from Islamic State, or ISIS, in northern Syria Sunday released 19 Assyrian Christians, out of the hundreds they had captured last week, but refused to set free a 6-year-old girl, whom they are likely using as a “bargaining chip,” an activist group said.

The 19 Assyrians from the village of Tel Goran in Syria’s al-Hasakah province were released after local Arab leaders negotiated with ISIS for three days, Assyrian International News Agency, or AINA, said Sunday.

The Assyrians have arrived safely at St. Mary’s Church in Hasakah, the group said.

Those released include 17 women and two men. Many more from the village of Tel Goran and hundreds from other villages remain captive.

An elderly woman who was released said ISIS did not release her son and two other men who were guarding the village.

ISIS also refused to let a 6-year-old girl go, according to the released hostages, who believe the terror group plans to use the girl as a “bargaining chip.” The girl’s mother was released but she refused to go and stayed with her daughter.

The hostages who returned had not been harmed.

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ISIS’ Next Target


ISIS has announced that Lebanon will be the next state to fall under the sway of its “caliphate.” According to Beirut’s Daily Star newspaper, the only reason ISIS hasn’t attacked yet in force is because they haven’t decided on the mission’s commander.

The Lebanese army is one of the least effective in the Middle East—and that’s saying something in a region where the far more capable Syrian and Iraqi armies are utterly failing to safeguard what should be their own sovereign territory.

So France is going to send a three billion dollar package of weapons to Lebanon and the Saudis are going to pay for it. It won’t solve the problem any more than a full-body cast will cure cancer, but it beats standing around and not even trying.

The Lebanese, of course, are in far more immediate danger. They can feel ISIS’ hot breath on their necks. The army has been scrapping with them along the Syrian border for some time now. A majority of Lebanon’s population is either Christian, Shia, or Druze, and all three populations rightly see ISIS as a potentially genocidal threat to their very existence. Even the Sunnis, though, fear and loathe ISIS. Other than the nominal sectarian sameness—ISIS also is Sunni—Lebanon’s culturally liberal Sunnis have little more in common with ISIS than the French or Italians do.

A serious invasion of Lebanon by ISIS could unleash a bloodbath that makes the civil war in Syria look like a bar fight with pool sticks and beer mugs. It would be tantamount to a Nazi invasion. Every family in Lebanon is armed to the gills thanks to the state being too weak and divided to provide basic security, but people anywhere in the world facing psychopathic mass-murderers will fight with kitchen knives and even their fingernails and teeth if they have to.

So ISIS will eventually lose if thrusts into Lebanon, but the cost could be unspeakable. Few of Lebanon’s prior invaders murdered innocent people with such gleeful ferocity. If ISIS makes any headway at all in that country, the rest of us will see just how barbaric they really are when they violently encounter large numbers of people unlike themselves. And the odds that the West will get sucked even deeper into the great war of the Eastern Mediterranean will only loom larger.

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Probably not…

Question for the New York Times: If Gays Are Offended, Do Christians Have Rights?

In other words, the Chief not only went beyond legal requirements to solicit LGBT employee input when drafting department doctrine, he was performing his core job function at the highest levels. Yet the Times claims he had to go — in part because he allegedly “failed to get approval” to publish his Christian book.
Yet, according to the Complaint, Chief Cochran specifically contacted the City of Atlanta’s Ethics Officer inquiring whether he could write the book and whether he could — for autobiographical purposes only — identify himself as Atlanta’s fire chief in the “about the author” section. She not only consented on both counts, she asked for a copy of the book when it was complete. Further, he shared the book at work with only a small number of individuals — three “command level” members of the department, and to a select few that he knew shared his faith or had asked for copies. He even shared the book with the mayor months before any public controversy, and the mayor did not comment or complain about its contents. No one at the Fire Department claimed that the book violated their rights, and no complaints were made against him within the Fire Department.
Instead, an unknown individual shared the book’s few comments about sexual morality (expressing the orthodox Christian view that sex is reserved for marriage) with an openly gay Atlanta councilmember, who contacted the City’s human resources commissioner. Four days later, the city suspended Chief Cochran, without pay. At the conclusion of his suspension, the mayor fired the chief. Yet in terminating Chief Cochran, the mayor apparently disregarded the Atlanta Code, which not only contains specific notice requirements, it requires progressive discipline for defined offenses and allows for a right of appeal.
All of these rights were denied Chief Cochran. An outstanding fire chief — a man never accused of discrimination and who’d gone out of his way to solicit the views of diverse voices — was fired on trumped-up charges, in violation of Atlanta codes (not to mention the Constitution), because he dared express orthodox Christian views on sexual morality. And most of the Left applauds. In the world of the Times, of the City of Atlanta, and of vast numbers of the intolerant Left, “religious freedom” is nothing but a freedom to “believe.”
It is not a freedom to speak. Only one side can be heard. As for the rest of us? We just need to shut up and learn our moral lesson. If Chief Cochran can prove his allegations — and if a Court rules in his favor — will the Left revise its view of the case? Or will it argue for more censorship, that our core constitutional liberties must be narrowed to further constrict religious speech to protect the sensibilities of politically favored groups?
I suspect we know the answer.

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